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Monday, April 25, 2011

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks

Hey Beauties! So after reading one of my FAVE Bloggers JuicyBeautyGossip Review/Swatches on these lipsticks....i had to go over to EBAY and pick these lippies up. Her swatches had me impressed and i had to add these lippies to my collection. The lipstick to the LEFT is CHESTNUT and the lipstick to the RIGHT is BITTENPLUM. Im in love with Chestnut, this will be one of my fave everyday lipsticks besides my MAC SHYGIRL. But BittenPlum, im not too happy with. The lipstick looks COMPLETELY different then hers in her blog post =(

Chestnut and BittenPlum

Chestnut...pretty pink nude lipstick, good for everyday

BittenPlum, more extreme for "ME", good for an evening out of youre not a "shygirl" like me to wear this during the day lol ;)

Picture of me wearing my new love, Chestnut.

So Beauties, do you like either one of these lipsticks or own any of the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks?


  1. Chestnut looks great! I'm going to search for these on ebay.

  2. They both look great on you but Chestnut is def your color.

  3. i LOVE them both and i kno ur sick of this but, u really look like Melyssa in that last pic


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