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Mylindas Reg' hair type, 3c 4a

^^^Wash once a week with shampoo of choice, 2xs a month protein and 2xs a month moisture
^^^Co-wash 1/2xs a week with conditioner of choice
^^^Deep condition 1 or 2xs a week
^^^air dry ALWAYS unless relaxer day
^^^protect ends ALWAYS
^^^Protective styles:::

buns-flexis-curlformers-carusos-rollersets?<- drawstings?<

Halfwigs or Lace starting at 8wks post up till relaxer


Moisture/one n only Argan oil or Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil

Deep Conditioners

Aussie 3min
ORS Replinish Pack (light protein)
Argan Oil Mask (updated) or Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Sleep Intense Repair Mask

Co-washes Conditioners

Argan Oil conditioner
herbal essence
tresseme (FAVORITE)
OR whatever else is down there in my cabinet lol




Argan Oil (FAVORITE)
Proclaim 7 (add in relaxer mix)
Coconut Oil
Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil Treatment




OneADay multi vitamin
Cod Liver Oil vitamin  A & D
Vitamin C (sometimes)
Omega 3
Flexseed Oil

Heat Protected & Other

Chi Infusion
QP Elasta Glaze
Hawaiian Silky Argan glaze (favorite)
Hawaiian Silky Argan oil sheen
Hawaiian Silky Argan oil Relaxer no lye in Regular


Hot tools blow dryer Ionic
Argan Oil Curiling Iron




Relaxer Dates & Goals:

Sept 2011:  maintain BSL with healthy ends ---made

Dec 2011: FULL BSL ---made

March 2012: Touching MBL

June 2012: ----

Aug 2012: ----

Dec 2012: FULL MBL (((end of hair journey)))


  1. Of course you can make it! By the way, I love your style pics on the sidebar!

  2. I absolutely love your blog hun! This has definitely become one of my favorites very quickly. I am pretty much on the same journey with my hair as you were so it's fun looking through your regimen and before/after pictures.

  3. THANK you candy!!=) are you, thats cool, hhj and i hope we both reach our goals!!!

  4. Thank you for all the info you insprie me to be the beatiful woman I know I am. GOD Bless

  5. @Tonika-you are very very welcomed! Stay Blessed and stay Beautiful and by that im talking about walking with God =)...<3

  6. WOW! you are absolutely beautiful,and from what i have seen in your videos i can tell you are beautiful outside too! I recently started my hair journey and i am so excited! you inspire me :)
    -From An Interested Young Viewer (Annie)

  7. I've been wearing my hair out since fall. And I wanna now is okay if I still wore half a wigs because I use to wear them all tha time but my friend got it in my head that its bad. And my hair was so damanged before I went natural. Its much healthier now.

  8. @ceara, i havent had a problem wearing halfwigs, i wore it for 2 years 99% of the time, it took me from NL to pass APL

  9. Okay, thanks. This is the first time me ever looking at your blog and I love it. Because hair is the second thing I talk about. I never can make up my mind. I just hate waiting for my hair to grow. But your inspiring :)

  10. I was wondering if the garnier leave in is light weight or heavy? Or if you use it only with certain styles?

  11. @anonymour- its a thick cream, however its not heavy on the hair, depending on how much you put in. I use it as a leave in, and i also use it mainly when im wearing halfwigs or wigs. LTR is what i use on a regular, its very light.

  12. Hey! I just wanted to say that your hair is gorgeous!!! And I have just started my hair journey I want my hair to be healthy and I would also like to grow a few inches! When I was younger my hair was down the middle of my back...now it's shoulder length and you have certainly inspired me to start this hair journey. It's all I ever talk about now lol

  13. You have a FAB blog mypurebeauty... I stalk you religiously on youtube... Your poise and humily comes radiates through the computer screen and your hair is the B.O.M.B.... This is reeseycup from KISS...

  14. Thank you ladies so much! @reeseycup you are a true sweetheart, thank you...lol and thanks :D Hhj!!

  15. How often do you flat iron your hair, if at all? If you don't flat iron, how do you get it straight?

  16. @Cs mom--during my 12 weeks ill flat iron it 1/2 times and wear it like that for a wk. Also if i want it straight but no heat, i do the caruso saran wrap (video on it)

  17. im sooooooo happi i found u..im now starting my journey and i think u wud be a big help to me... :* ur soo beautiful.

  18. Hey girl! Ur hair is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats :) I am also on a healthy hair journey. My hair was always at a decent length but the back was completely gone late 2010. So i was on a mission to grow my hair back and after my relaxer yesterday, i can say that the back of my hair has fully returned! So my hair is almost at BSL. Wearing a weave for most of 2011 has tremendously helped but im gonna take a break from weaves so im gonna pick up a couple half-wigs so i can stretch out my perms to 13 wks like u :)

  19. Where can i purchase the one and only argan oil products? Is it sulfate free?

  20. Where can i buy the argan oil products and is it sulfate free? I love your vids and you and your hair is beautiful:)

  21. You can get them from Sallys @LovingTheSkinimin

  22. Hey girl, I love your hair! I was wondering if the Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Sleep Intense Repair Mask is a moisturizing conditioner or a light protein. I would like to purchase it, only if it's a moisturizing. and btw would you recommend it?

    Thanks :)

  23. I have been told that they have discontinued the herbal essence LTR what do you use now? I have heard that the herbal essence touchable smoothie good.


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