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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey Beauties! So today i have a review for you all, its from JOYS COSMETICS (ebay seller), she was kind enough to send me a few products of my choice to share with you all. I picked the cute little Trio cupcake gloss pack, the NYX mega shine gloss and the NYX Blush. Joys Cosmetics has alota NYX products, i mean alot..and the prices are great..check her out HERE. This shipping is quick, now you know how EBAY could do you lol, sometimes you order stuff and dont receive it for months...i know.

I actually love this blush, i like the color its called "Cinnamon" but goes on like a coral peach color...i like, i want more NYX blushes, and they are really cheap..even better.

Now lets get to this gloss, its in "SUNSHINE", i really like this gloss. It goes on perfectly alone or over a nude lipstick! And the smell...yum, smells like CANDY!!!! No taste though for you kissers lol.

Next thing i picked up was the Trio Cupcake gloss set, i think this set is soooo cute. I actually gave it to my little sister, she loves it. To me, and this is just my opinion, i think this is more made for little girls/preteens.

Doesn't this look like some Reese's? lol

Isnt this blush cute? Esp for the spring time. Add a little color to your face and brighten it up...this is perfect.

The gloss is a sheer gold tint...this is a must for nude lovers.

Make sure you check out JOYS COSMETICS esp if you are a NYX LOVER...I think i am now officially a NYX LOVER...=)


  1. How cute are those cupcake lip glosses!?:D

    Thanks for the swatches and the link!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Hi,
    I live in Holland and some time ago I ordered the same blush and 3 megashine lipglosses. I love them and I got them in 10 days. Pretty quick for international shipping.


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