if you dont know yourself, you wont love yourself, & if you dont love yourself-you wont RESPECT yourself....-PureBeauty


Hair Care 101

Here you are going to find some videos on hair care and what you need to know to start your own journey. I will share with you everything i know and have learned. I am still on my hair journey and i don't claim to know everything, its a learning process, but i do believe its only right to share with others what you know, I'm not one of those woman who will hold things back just to keep my self  "ahead".... lets achieve our goals together....join the journey with me...

How to Start a Hair Journey

Wrapping Hair

Air Dry

Detangle (Tangle Teezer)

PrePoo & Oil Rinse

Trimming Your Hair

Moisturize and Seal

My Daughters Hair Care