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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Idea T-Shirts

Hey Beauties, so if you are a fan of Funny T-shirts  you may want to check out Bad Idea T-shirts . They sent me a T-shirt for review, in the picture above, "I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It". Its cute, and its true in my case, because I'm always RIGHT, lol JK!!!! The size i got is a Medium, and the fit is good and the quality of the shirt is great, i believe the "brand" is Bella if you are familiar with that brand in customized T-shirts. I have shirts from that brand that are customized and they lasted along time, a few years worth.

Bad Idea T-shirts are also offering American Apparel Shirts. Also another PLUS is Bad Idea T-Shirts do GIVEAWAYS for FREE Tees on their FACEBOOK page!!! So you have a chance to WIN A FREE SHIRT FOR YOURSELF =)

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  1. haha. that's cute!



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