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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Scent of a Queen & The Queens Gems

Hey Beauties, so if you are like me and loooove smell good body care thats also good and easy on your skin, i have a great site to share with you!

The Scent of the Queen has tons of smell good goodies such as bath bombs,  body butter, lotions, and much more. I was sent over a few items to review..pics below.

I love how this body scrub leaves my skin silky soft, i have used almost the whole jar already lol. The scent is very relaxing, reminds me of a fall day.

This soap has a very strong fragrance, it smells so yummy!! left my bathroom smelling like Kiwi Strawberry for days...seriously! It also left my skin soft as well..so thumbs up.

 They also have different kinds of lotion scents to choose from, i picked out Vanilla Sky (fave) and Kiwi Strayberry.

The Queens Gems has some very cute, one of a kind affordable earrings!! The owner makes these herself, these earrings range from $6-8 ...very affordable.

Love the details

Monday, May 23, 2011

USHER & AKON PICS 2nd Row Quality

Hey Beauties, i wanted to share some pictures with you from the USHER OMG CHICAGO CONCERT from Friday! These pictures are amazing because he was standing LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! He looked at us several times, it was so amazing to be noticed by him after loving him and his music for 15 years!!!!! My friend took these pictures, TY ESSENCE!!! I was to busy taking video clips and screaming when he looked at me ahahaha.... 1 of the Best Moments of my LIFE!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Usher OMG CHICAGO 2011- OOTD'S X 2

Where do i start...omg,!!! WE HAD A FREAKING BLAST, BEST TIME EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 2nd row, OMG, it was so un REAL!!! We were so freaking close, its crazy! He was RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE!!! OMG i could almost TOUCH HIM!

He didnt pick me, =( buuuuut he did look DIRECTLY IN MY EYES SEVERAL TIMES annnnnd WINNNNNNNNNKED, UM HELL YEAH!!!! lol, ill take that! The girl he picked, um lets just say she was really boring to watch lol.

Me and My Girl Essence had such a great time, we even decided when he drops his next cd and do another tour, we will be getting the VIP package to ACTUALLY MEET HIM!! IM SO EXCITED, like i said before i have been loving Usher since i was 11 years old!! Im now 26!! So to actually have another friend who is willing to dish out that cash to pay to actually MEET HIM, im thankful for that because those tickets are pricey, but to ME its WORTH every damn dollar!!!!

Enjoy the pics, the YOUTUBE OOTD video will be up soon and i will be adding clips of Usher to show you how CLOSE HE WAS..OMG LOOOOOVE HIM!!!!


Dress LoveMode
Shoes Micheal Kors
Earrings All Diva Things (review soon)
Hair Lilly
Bag Vintage (moms)


Dress Body Central
Shoes Shoe Carnival
Earrings Body Central


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Im Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

Im sure everybody could relate to this in someway. Rather you are stressed over your health, school, money, work, family, whatever it is, just stressed about something. Then its time to take a step back, and ask God to take over that stress...

Sometimes we tend to deal with things on our own, we think we dont need anybody to help us, that we could make it on our own. Well if you beleive that, ask yourself how many times have you failed in that area. You may have been ok for awhile, but that problem that turned to stress came right back into your life...its on repeat cycle..just keeps happening and happening.

Its time to ask God to take over it. Prayer is so strong and so needed, its so simple. But so many of us DONT do it, or stay on that path. We loose sight, we walk in the other direction, and we loose faith. It happens, we are human...but at the same time, we know Better.

No matter what you are stressed about, think to yourself, IM TO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. Because at the end of the day, i bet your Blessings out weight your Stress...think about it. You have alot to be thankful, there are so many people out here who doesn't realize their blessings because they are so focused on whats "bad" in their lives instead of whats "good".

So today, thank God for your blessings and pray to him for your problems, hand it over to him...let him release you of your hurt and pain, its possible, have faith and leave it to him.

So enjoy your day Beauties and as always Stay Blessed!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IvyCharlaine Earrings Review & Giveaway!!!

Hey Beauties! So i have a great review and giveaway for you Beauties. I was sent over a few pairs of earrings for review and giveaway!   One lucky Beauty will receive a beautiful EarLace from IvyCharlaine.com 

All her earrings are handmade and stunning!!! Look at these Beautiful  earrings "The Finer Things" these are really really PRETTY, i love the name, fits it PERFECTLY!
price: $20.00

Check out this earlace, "Classic IvyLynx Earlace" with 3 chains, this necklace will add instant Class to your outfit!

price: $30.00

One Lucky Beauty will win the same exact pair!!!!

love the detail

I love IvyCharlaines website, its very well put together, i love the background music as well, relaxing. Make sure you check her site out, she has tons of beautiful earrings!!!

*earrings were provided for review and giveaway from IvyCharlaine*

::Giveaway Rules::

-Must be a blog follower and subscriber


-Must LIKE this video

-Must Leave your email address with entry

-Must Like IvyCharlaine Facebook


Extra Entries worth 1 entry each

-tweet about it on Twitter

-Facebook this giveaway

-Repost this video

-List on your Blog or any other social network



Open International, under 18 is fine with Parents Permission!!

Starts May17th and Ends May 31st midnite cst


Monday, May 16, 2011

FOTD:: Purple Passion

Hey Beauties, so this is my FOTD, really I'm just playing around with my makeup and colors for this week. I'm tryna decide what to do for Friday for the concert...so Ill be posting my looks i come up with.

I really love this purple,i love purple shadows period! If i decided to wear this look, ill add some black liquid liner and some falsies to complete the look.

On the corners i added some black shadow (pics below) to add a more intense look.

Products Used, not pictured-> MAC Fix+ and ELF eye primer

The NC 42 I used under my eye for highlight

Colors used. For the Base i sprayed my brush with MAC Fix+ first then i applied the dark purple all over my lid, then using a different dry brush i applied the lighter purple over it and blended. Next i applied both purples to my lower lash line. Finally for the corner i added a little bit of this black to make it more drastic.

CS Shimmer Palette

added this on top of my Dainty Blush

Final Look

Overall, i like it, but I'm not satisfied with this being the look for Friday night...so onto tomorrow...hmmm, I'm thinking Money Green! lol

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost Time...OMG Concert

Its almost time!!! I cant wait until FRIDAY gets here...im so excited...I really think ill be getting picked, lol *wishful thinking*. I already decided what im going to wear, sexy and classy as always! I cant wait to show you beauties! My friend also found her dress when we went to the mall over the weekend, its hot!

I plan on making my Usher OOTE for that night too, and my friend will be in that video so yall can check her out too, that video should be up next Saturday hopefully.

Now i know i said i was gonna take my Canon but you know what, i really dont feel like carrying that big camera around, and what if something happens to that camera while im out, imma be super pissed. So ill just take my Sony, i can slip that in my clutch easily. Plus i dont plan on taking all those video clips either since i just went in Dec, but i will take a few though since im sitting closer(2nd roll =D).

So let the count down begin....

Cya Friday Usher =) lol

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random...Get to Know ME

Hey Beauties, so i thought this would be fun to do. Something Random to do, letting you get to know me a little better lol. So everything in this post is some Random Things about me, feel free to comment below about anything and if you want to leave something Random about yourself...do it, ill love to read it =)

Lets Get Started Shall We?

I love texting, i can have a whole conversation through a text message, sad but true. Its 2011 baby! lol

I love to eat Mac n Cheese with KETCHUP, sounds gross but it is sooo good!

I dont care to go to the movies alot, i actually get sleepy when i go, not a big movie person, lol i dont keep track of that stuff.

I dont like talking on the phone, unless its very important, send me a text lol. I have 2 kids under 4 so im VERY BUSY, ALL THE TIME.

I cant stand to see babies/children without jackets/hats when its cold outside.

I love to snack, candy and chips, yum!

I love to read books..when i can.

I hate when people dont know when to leave, lol.

I LOVE being pregnant, if i could, i would stay pregnant all year around, i love the bonding and watching my tummy grow, its such an amazing feeling.

I love the spring..and i hate winter

I love holidays with the family!

Going for walks are so relaxing
I hate disrespectful children, i mean not the actual child, but hate how they could become disrespectful--this is the parents fault, we don't look at the child, we look at the PARENT!

Popcorn and hot sauce!

Reality TV, even though its not really "reality" i still love the drama haha

Mexican food (well the TACOS) is my FAVE even though im Half Puerto Rican-smh, i sound like a traitor huh lol

I plan on getting my college degree soon

love flowers, doesnt matter which kind, i just love the smell of fresh flowers


Vivica Lace Front Wig Review:: Lisa

Hey Beauties! So i received this GORGEOUS lace front wig from Vivica Fox Hair Collection , and i must say, this wig is my new FAVORITE lace front, EVER, i loooove it, and the pictures says it all!

This wig has invisibly thin lace top, so no one will be able to tell if you are wearing a wig or not! The cap is "Total Stretch" and it is very comfortable and very very soft. It has three combs on the top, 2 on the sides and 1 at the very top. Adjustable straps in the back, no comb in the back, but trust me its very secure!

The hair is Futura so you can curl it or flat iron it if you choose.

-For curling, set your electric iron between 320-356. Do not go over 356 F because this can damage the hair. Curl each section for at least 30 seconds and hold curl in hand for 3 seconds then release.

-Comb from the bottom up to prevent tangles.

You get GREAT parting room, about 2 inches! The lace is very soft so be careful when handling.

The total inches is about 20 inches long, but it looks shorter due to the waves.

Very natural looking unlike other Synthetic wigs which are shiny

The waves are just so beautiful and the hair is so soft, i really really like this wig, this wig screams BEAUTIFUL.

Side view, perfect style for the summer, beach waves!

Overall i rate this wig an A+, This wig is really great quality, you will love it.

Here is the direct link to this Actual Wig so you can see how it looks on the display

*This wig was provide for Reviewing from Vivica Fox Hair Collection*

Vivica Fox Hair Collection on FACEBOOK