if you dont know yourself, you wont love yourself, & if you dont love yourself-you wont RESPECT yourself....-PureBeauty


Friday, August 26, 2011

Prayer to Avert Storms and Hurricanes

Prayer to Avert Storms and Hurricanes

Father, all the elements of nature obey your command. Calm the storms and hurricanes that threaten us and turn our fear of your power into praise of your goodness. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

**praying for the North East US, May God keep you safe.**

Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Minute Beauty Mask!!!

Short on time? But need something to refresh your face, and yourself?

I LOOOOVE using the ALL NATURAL Honey & Sugar face and lip scrub! Its super easy to make, takes less than 5 minutes to make and apply....the results....AMAZING SOFT GLOWING SKIN!!!

All you need is Sugar, Honey, and a little bit of Milk. I use organic products but you can use any products you choose, organic or not. Results are basically the same.

I use about 2 teaspoons of Honey, 1/2 cup of Sugar, and 1 teaspoon of Milk. Mix together, add more sugar if you want your mix thicker, add more milk if you want your mix thinner. You can store your mixture in a small container and put it in the refrigerator.

I apply this mixture to my face and my lips at the same time, i let the mixture sit on my face (depending on the amount of time i have) anywhere from 2-5 minutes. And rinse off with cool water, let dry then apply my moisturizer...keep in mind you need to cleanse your face prior to applying the scrub. For my lips, i gently rub my lips together with the scrub for a minute or two then wipe off.....i looooove how soft my lips feel afterwards. (this is good to do daily in the morning before applying your lipstick or gloss--your application will apply much smoother)

Try it out...let me know how it works out for you =)



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vivica A Fox:: Rachel

This wig is a Lace Front from the VIVICA A FOX collection. I was sent this wig to review, and i was able to choose the style...her name is RACHEL and i got her in a #4. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and full of body.

She is 20inches in length and layered. You can also use your curling iron on her too!! This wig also has natural "baby hair"

I like to rock her with a little hair out, like i do my half wigs. The picture ABOVE I'm wearing her straight out the bag as a LACE FRONT WIG, she has 2 combs on the side, 1 on top and 1 in the back. I used a scarf to tie her down to flatten the wig down a bit, since it was a little puffy on top. You also get about 2/2.5 inches of parting room =)

In this collage, I'm wearing Rachel as a half wig (my fave) i like her like this because its more natural in my liking. I love how full this wig is and how the hair is so beautiful and soft, really great quality...but hey, what else can you expect coming from Vivica A Fox ;-)



Model Model Fresca...

i saw this wig on another YouTuber, and she rocked it well!! I like it better on her than i do myself, but since i dont like wasting my money, i rocked it anyway. This wig is Model Model Fresca and i brought her from HairSisters . The color im rocking here is a number 2 (i love dark hair) and all i did was pull out about an inch of my own hair, applied some leave in spray and qp glaze and brushed the hair back off my face. This was a perfect style for the weather last week when it was hot.

Will i order this Half Wig again? No, its an okay wig, but i had better. This wig didnt last too long, 2wks if that. However...i did sleep in it lol so that has something to do with it too. BUT i have notice Model Model wigs doesnt last too long like my favorite brand SENSATIONNEL.

Also...this wig was VERY LONG...i had to cut at least 3 inches off her =/

*the flower is from H&M

**also beauties, so you kno, for some reason i cant respond to your comments =( so im not ignoring you- i just cant respond..but i see your request =)**



Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Chat...

Wow....11 weeks went by so darn fast. Its time for a RELAXER!!! Im going to relax my hair one day next week. Update Video soon of course.

I relax my hair every 12 weeks but i think im going to start relaxing every 11 weeks instead because i notice around the 10th/11th week my hair starts to shed crazy bad =( So i will be doing that next time, i would have relaxed this week but i just washed my hair last night and didnt realize i was this far into my relaxer lol.

I cant wait to see where im at...especially with this shedding, hope i dont have a set back. I have been a little lazy with my hair this time...shame shame i kno...but it being summer, 2 children, i have been busy lol. But my hair has been protected under my beautiful wigs. So we shall see.

I need to head to Sallys this week i need to get more Aphogee and One N' Only products because i am OOOOUUUTTTT....shame shame again, because i have been using other products instead 0_o

Oh yea...did i tell you Beauties that i dyed my hair...OFF BLACK... i was so tired doing the Rinses because i co wash and wash my hair often, so it would rinse out very quickly, waste of money. So now my hair is permanently dyed so i have to take EXTRA CARE of it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Apothica Contest $25 GC

Hello Beauties!!!

I have a great Contest for you all to enter....

One of you lucky BEAUTIES will be able to win a giftcard to shop at APOTHICA they have some really great products, from Bath & Body, Makeup, and Skin Care and much more!!! They have popular brands like STILA, from their foundations, to their palettes, etc.


*you can choose any of the ways to enter below, each entry is worth 1 entry & the bonus entries are worth 1, but ONE ENTRY IS MANDATORY (must link everything back)*

visit APOTHICA and write on Apothicas FaceBook wall about what you think of Apothica
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visit APOTHICA and tweet about Apothica on your own twitter acct
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-Apothica will contact YOU to verify your information is correct
-After verification, Apothica will email you the code for the gift card to be used at Apothica, SkinCareRX, and SkinBotanica
-Contest is open INTERNATIONALLY but Apothica does not ship to all countries

*dont forget to save SkinCareRX to your address book so it doesnt go to your spam folder*

This Contest will start AUG 19th and will end SEPT 2nd, please be sure to follow all the rules and remember to be able to enter this contest you are REQUIRED TO BE A FOLLOWER OF THIS BLOG =)




Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winner of SunGlassWarehouse GiveAway....

Thank You ladies who entered...and SunGlassWarehouse for sponsoring this giveaway!



Email me your info to mypurebeauty@gmail.com =)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nite OOTD ft Beez Trendy Treasures

Eden Allure PURE Argan Oil

Hello Beauties!!!

If you have been following my hair journey, you know i love argan oil. However the argan oil i was using wasnt Pure. I was lucky enough to be able to try out Eden Allures PURE Argan Oil from Morocco. This oil is very very light weight on the hair. I apply this to my hair after its dry and moisturize, i focus mainly on my ends and rub the rest through out the hair. I have to say, i love this oil. The only thing is you get very little product, but that's to be expected since this oil is 100% Pure ARGAN OIL.

Will i buy this in the future? Yes, i love how it feels on my hair, giving it shine and leaves it soft- plus you can use this on your skin!!!

note...a little goes a LONG way. I use 2-3 pumps daily.


For women of all ages (and men who take extra pride in their hair). Use our organic Argan oil to restore shine and softness to dull lifeless hair, and strengthen brittle hair. The Vitamin F (Omega 6) nourishes the scalp alleviating itchy and dry scalps.

Essential moisture is provided to the hair, promoting healthy growth, and discouraging breakage. The Vitamin E in the Argan oil is necessary to provide good circulation to the scalp, and creates the perfect condition for healthy hair to grow. Healing and nourishment is provided to hair damaged by styling and coloring. The rich amount of anti-oxidants protect your hair against free radical damage, and other harmful environmental factors. Argan Oil instantly absorbs into the hair, creating a radiant shine with no oily residue.

Directions: A great product for all hair types. At most, treat yourself to this luxurious indulgence twice a week. For hair repair and nourishment, apply a generous amount of Argan oil to your hair, running your hands thoroughly back and forth. Wrap a warm towel around your head, and let it sit for thirty minutes before washing your hair. For protection and shine, apply a small amount of Argan oil to your hair after shampooing by running your hands through your hair from scalp to end. Give your hair that healthy glow all day.


Our popular 100% pure deodorized argan oil from Morocco in a Moisturizing and nourishing, this natural oil gives your skin the vitality and beauty it deserves. The Vitamin F (essential fatty acids) and triterpens regenerate and rejuvenate skin cells, encouraging the growth of new healthy cells while helping to shed dead ones.

Imagine your skin more supple, more toned, more resistant. The rich amount of anti-oxidants in Eden Allure Argan oil provide your skin with a natural barrier protecting it from smoke, pollution, and harmful free radicals. Argan oil contains a high amount of anti-inflammatory agents (Vitamin E and triterpens) which are effective for relieving muscle aches and joint pains, making this the most all around amazing massage oil. This wonderful organic oil revitalizes your body, keeping it fresh and soft. Natural, gentle, and soothing, Eden Allure Argan oil is perfect for daily use after bathing.

Directions: Massage all over body or in desired areas until completely absorbed into skin. Use in the morning or evening after cleansing for best results.

Monday, August 8, 2011



How to look Beautiful--Naturally

OK ladies listen up...

Now i firmly believe every Woman is Beautiful, no matter what shape, size, color, religion, etc.  But its more to it then just another Pretty Face...Personality has to kick in and how you carry yourself will determine your TRUE BEAUTY. If you carry yourself in a certain manner, expect to be treated in that manner. You have to learn to be TRUE to yourself, before you could be TRUE to others.

Nobody NEEDS a pound of makeup on to look or become beautiful-well unless you are doing a photo shoot =) But on a regular basis, no man wants to see all that...seriously. I know being a girl can be fun and all but we need to know when and where its appropriate. Sometimes wearings a pile of makeup could come off as NOT being ....ready....CONFIDENT....this is how most guys feel...ask.

So here's some Key Points to remember in feeling Beautiful---Naturally

1. Eat Healthy, fruits and veggies, not only is it better for your body but you will see and feel better results...feeling beautiful.

2. Drink Healthy, drink lots of water, 4-5 liters daily. Not only does this flush out toxins in the body, it gives your skin a beautiful natural glow.

3. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week to give your skin a beautiful glow and amazing soft skin.

4. Smile...you would be surprised how much more appealing you are if you smile =)

5. Moisturize daily, this will help keep your skin soft as you get older.

6. SKIP foundation unless you REALLY need it or if its for a special occasion, let your True Beauty Shine Through.

7. Add some pink blush to your cheeks...smile

8. Wear clothes that you feel good in and that defines your features. Try to avoid clothing that doesn't flatter your body shape.

9. Always keep your hair brushed

10. Keep your eyebrows shaped...You would be amazed how much neater you will look with your brows shaped and cleaned.

11. Stand straight with Posture

12. Try to get at least 8hrs of sleep each night.

13. Get fresh air and exercise

14. Protect your skin with SPF....you only have one body, so treat it right.

15. Brush your teeth and keep good Dental Hygiene

16. Most of all....BE CONFIDENT...if you look confident...you will always be truly BEAUTIFUL =)



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Loving Target Shoes!

I absolutely love target shoes! From their flats to their pumps. I LOVE IT. I like their shoes better than some of the stores in the mall to be honest. So over the weekend i picked up a couple pairs of shoes...from Target lol. I fell HARD for these black DOLCE VITA wedges (line for target) these wedges are soooooo freaking cute, i had to get them!!! OMG, ladies...these shoes are sooo comfy!!! I will be rocking these babies soon!!! Got them on clearance for 20 bucks, reg price was 30.

If youre wondering these are a size 8!

I also picked up these black rounded pumps, wasn't too crazy about it, but i don't own any black pumps so i was in need of them. I'm sure i would've found some online that i liked better but let me tell you why i purchased these...

I tried them on...and they were so darn comfortable, i figured i could still rock these out and the price, i couldn't walk away from. Reg price 30, got them for 15 bucks...not bad....

Also i loved how the bottom of these pumps will prevent me from falling and slipping lol. =) thumbs up for that!

Tell me, wheres your favorite place to buy/order shoes?



Friday, August 5, 2011

i LOVE dresses!

Hey Beauties!!

I absolutely LOVE dresses! I remember i use to hate them lol...but i have grown to love it over the last couple years. I love how it makes me feel as a woman! I have so many dresses in my closet now, and its the first piece of clothing i look at when I'm shopping online or at the stores. I love all kinds of dresses, short-long, loose-fitted, as long as its classy =)

This dress was given to me by my beautiful mother. I love how its fitted on top and waist and then flows away from the body. This is a perfect summer dress. Its simple, black and white and you can easily match this dress with some nude wedges like i did or add sum color to make it pop =)

*This Sun has been NO JOKE---i have a MAJOR TAN going on, cant you tell =)*



Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Wants FREE SUNGLASSES? *closed*


Hey Beauties!! Im Baaack...and with a giveaway for you beauties =) Summer isn't over just yet, so we still need our sunglasses, right lol! Well i was sent over some BEAUTIFUL SUNGLASSES (pics below) that i absolutely fell in love with. This glasses are VERY WELL MADE and the prices are so affordable!!!

They have some very stylish BLACK RETRO SUNGLASSES & SHIELD SUNGLASSES!! Need some help with finding your perfect style, well they do have pages on there to help you based on your skin tones and on choosing sunglasses for your face shape!

SunglassWarehouse is sponsoring this giveaway and one lucky winner will get to win a $20.00 E-gift certificate =)


-MUST be a follower of this blog
-OPEN to the US ONLY
-Under 18, need a parents permission!


(worth 1 entry each)

-Subscribe to my YOUTUBE
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(worth 2 entries each)

-TWEET about this giveaway linking back to this blog
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