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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flat Iron Hair

Hey Beautiful Ladies! Happy Sunday!

So yesterday i washed my hair, actually clarified it with ORS Creamy Aloe and conditioned with Nexxus. I decided to flat iron my hair and enjoy my length one last time because after this heat pass, i wont be putting heat on my hair until my next relaxer in JUNE. Im hoping to be BSL, i should be because im like 1 inch away from BSL!!! Im so EXCITED! *note: you could get closer to your root if you like, i chose not to, i like some texture and for it not to be bone straight*

I LOVE this flat iron, FHI. I purchased this 2 years ago at the start of my HHJ..this is the best iron ever!! Leaves my hair silky straight like leaving a salon =). I used my CHI infusion before putting that iron in my hair though lol...always protect your hair ladies!

After i got done with my FHI- I applied a little more CHI and put some curls in my hair with my Curling Iron (Argan Heat) then wrapped....

I used my SASSYSWAG wrap which was sent to me, i love this color and this wrap, its so chic, so cute, so stylish!!

Heres my results without the curl added...im almost to my goal BSL...MBL in Dec here i come!!


  1. love your results and I really think I want one of those sassyswag wraps...they're so cute! Good luck with your hair goal :)

  2. Hey KISS sis! Your hair is gorgeous as usual! Love the results :)

  3. Your hair looks SO great! We were about the same length when I got my sew-in done, so I'm hoping to be the same length as you when I take this out!!! *here's hoping* In any event, your hair looks simply gorgeous and quite lengthy!

  4. Woot woot! Your hair looks amazing girl! You will be BSL in no time! :)

  5. Ssssssshhhh!!!! you looks absolutely stunning and your hair is really beautiful. No words to praise. I am flattered to see the images :) Awesome baby.


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