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Saturday, April 30, 2011

-CLOSED- Surprise!! Bee Mine Products E-Gift Card GIVEAWAY

Hello My Beauties!!! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend =) I have such a really great giveaway/contest for you ladies who love healthy hair!! Bee Mine Products were so generous to host this giveaway for you ladies. There will be 3 contest, 3 ways to enter, and you can enter ALL OF THEM. Winners will be chosen at Random! So read on...


1st Place Winner- $50.00 E-gift card to Bee Mine
2nd Place Winner- $25.00 E-gift card to Bee Mine
3rd Place Winner- $10.00 E-gift card to Bee Mine

Contest 1 for the $50.00 prize

-Submit a picture to my email Askmypurebeauty@gmail.com of a Heat FREE style of choice, i have videos and pictures up with heat free styles, feel free to use any of them or create your own.

Contest 2 for the $25.00 prize

-Tell me about your hair journey, your goals, and your inspirations, please keep it short and sweet =)
(please post this entry below)

Contest 3 for the $10.00 prize

-Say Enter ME =)
(please post this entry below)


OPEN INTERNATIONAL, under 18 needs parents permission. E-Gift Cards will be sent via email so please include your email address with your entry!!


Contest will start April 30th and will end May 6th midnight CST

"Bee Mine Products can be used on various hair textures, and will suit the needs of naturally curly, kinky, wavy, chemically treated, dry, damaged or heat straightened hair."

Please check out my REVIEW

And please stop by BEE MINE PRODUCTS and look around =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

BEE MINE Products Review

Hey Beauties!!! So i had the pleasure in reviewing a couple of products that were sent to me for reviewing from BEE MINE PRODUCTS. I was able to choose the products i was interested in, so i picked out the Bee Mine Hold Butter and the Bee Mine Bee-u-ti-ful deeo conditioner. I must say over all i am really really pleased with the results on my hair and my daughters hair. I love how these products are 100% Natural and Organic. I will now, be a loyal Bee Mine "BEE" Customer =)

I used the Bee Mine Hold Butter on my daughters edges and O-M-G, it actually layed it down her edges and stayed down for most of the day (shes a child who loves to play so of course her hair gets messy through out the day lol). To refreshen her look, all i did was take a brush and a little dab of water and brushed her edges and it was good as new. At first i had my doubts about this product, like how is a cream actually going to hold her hair down, BOY was i wrong and im HAPPY because now i have an AMAZING product thats all natural and good for her edges (hair). Another great thing about this butter, i got to pick out the scent, Coconut Cream, yum smells sooo good, i love coconut =), reminds me of coconut cream pie!

I love the shine it added as well, this is really a good product ladies, for yourself and or your children, you will not be disappointed. The bee mine hold butter comes in 2 sizes, 8oz ($13.97) and 16oz ($23.00). Click HERE for more info on the hair butter

I used the Bee Mine Bee-U-ti-ful Deep Conditioner and i have to say this deep conditioner is great for those who are looking for a Moisturizing conditioner with NO PROTEIN! This is now a staple in my regimen, i HAVE to have this deep conditioner lol. It left my hair VERY VERY SOFT and easy to detangle as well. For more product info click HERE. I also used the Bee Mine Hold Butter on my bantus, it gave me a great hold, but i used too much lol, so remember a little goes a long way, you dont need alot at all. Another thing about the hair butter is you can use it if youre natural like my daughter or relaxed/texlaxed like myself. Its great for twist, braidouts, bantus and even those edges.

These are some really great products ladies, im very pleased with the results of using these products. The shipping is really fast as well. I just hope to see these products in stores soon like Target or Walmart =)

Also i will be updating me and my daughters Regimen and Products we use. My daughter is now officially on an ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC hair regimen, stay near for that upcoming post =)

*FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100*

**all products mentioned were sent to me by BEE MINE PRODUCTS for reviewing**

be on the look out for the giveaway this weekend =)!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beauty Tip:: Making Your Own Tined Moisturizer

Hey Beauties! Are you ready for the hot summer months to come? I know i am! But how about your makeup, we all know its going to be too hot to wear a full face, plus who wants to spend all that time on makeup when we could be out enjoying the hot summer sun! I know i don't have the time nor do i want to waste any. Soooo....a tinted moisturizer will be perfect, its quick and easy and gives you a very natural look for the summer without melting so to say lol. But who wants to search and spend lots of money on a tinted moisturizer when you can MAKE IT YOURSELF with products you probably already have in your makeup bag. You can save yourself 30-50 bucks and use that on a new swimsuit =D

So I'm going to share with you these very easy steps in making your TINTED MOISTURIZER =)

Things Needed:

A light moisturizer, you don't want your moisturizer to be to heavy or thick because this could result in a cakey face =(

A liquid foundation, mineral foundation, or bronzer

A container if you wish to store it

How to Mix it::

*The more coverage you need, the more foundation you are going to want to use.*

Use 2/3 pumps of your favorite moisturizer (you can use less or more if needed)

Use 1/2 pumps of your favorite foundation (adjust if you need more/less coverage)

Mix well and apply to your face, want a little summer glow? Just add a little bronzer into your mix.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TrueYouCosmetics Goodies

Hey Beauties!! So TrueYouCosmetics sent me over a couple of goodies to share with you ladies. I received a lipstick and a lip gloss. One thing i really like about this company, is with every cosmetic purchase you get a cute little suede TrueYouCosmetics engraved case. Perfect to throw in your purse =) Another great thing about this line is that these products are enriched with antioxidants!!!

The gloss to the left is called AVA, This gloss is really pigmented, so you can actually wear this alone. Its thin, so you don't have to worry about stick lips =)


Ava is named after the glamorous Old Hollywood actress, Ava Gardner. This perfect shade of transparent hot pink is perfect to wear alone or to add a splash of shine to any TYC lip color. Our high shine pigment lip glosses are enriched with antioxidants A, C, and E, leaving lips soft and luscious. With its non-sticky, moisture-rich, glossy, and weightless formula, our lip glosses stay shiny and fresh on your lips!

 I really love this lipstick, i love pinks and nudes and this is a mixture of both with a little more pink then nude. Perfect everyday lipstick! This lipstick is called Lynne and unfortunately  i don't think they have this one anymore, i checked the site and i don't see this color anymore :(

Swatches of the gloss Ava and the lipstick Lynne

The price for the gloss is $20.00 and the lipstick is $14.00

Combo using both gloss and lipstick. However, i will be wearing each product alone. I find the gloss adds more shimmer and pink to the overall look. I like the lipstick as is but with a liner and clear gloss. The gloss is perfect to wear as is.

Here's a SPECIAL gift for you ladies!!!!

Be sure to check out TrueYouCosmetics and don't forget to enter your special code "MYGIFT2011"

*All products mentioned were sent to me by TrueYouCosmetics.net*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Letting The NATURAL You SHINE Through....

Hey Beauties! So todays post about letting the Natural you Shine through...with MAKEUP. Now i know everybody wants that "Flawless" face,  but seriously, some of us have blemishes =( and of course you can cover them up with the magic of concealer/foundation. But for some, the blemishes are really hard to cover up without piling it on. But thats when you really need to take a step back and realize, no matter what, makeup or not, you are still BEAUTIFUL. Blemish or not, who cares. And to be honest, 99% of men dont care if you have a blemish, they really dont. And most men dont like "alot" of makeup anyway.

Just remember when applying your makeup, your concealer and foundation, dont "over" do it, dont try to HIDE your blemish to the point of piling makeup on. Just put enough to diminish it abit, but still let the NATURAL you shine through...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks

Hey Beauties! So after reading one of my FAVE Bloggers JuicyBeautyGossip Review/Swatches on these lipsticks....i had to go over to EBAY and pick these lippies up. Her swatches had me impressed and i had to add these lippies to my collection. The lipstick to the LEFT is CHESTNUT and the lipstick to the RIGHT is BITTENPLUM. Im in love with Chestnut, this will be one of my fave everyday lipsticks besides my MAC SHYGIRL. But BittenPlum, im not too happy with. The lipstick looks COMPLETELY different then hers in her blog post =(

Chestnut and BittenPlum

Chestnut...pretty pink nude lipstick, good for everyday

BittenPlum, more extreme for "ME", good for an evening out of youre not a "shygirl" like me to wear this during the day lol ;)

Picture of me wearing my new love, Chestnut.

So Beauties, do you like either one of these lipsticks or own any of the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks?

BeautyTip:: Make Those Eyelashes POP

Who said you had to be born with LONG-THICK eyelashes to make your eyes more sexy and seductive? All you need is the right Mascara and Application to get the effect...dont you just love the MAGIC of makeup?

The Key::

You dont want globs and clumps of mascara on your lashes, not cute. So...heres how you SHOULD apply your mascara for your sexy lashes...

-Start at the base of your lashes with your mascara want and wiggle it
-gently brush the mascara to the ends of your lashes (using a lash comb is better, because it is free of mascara)
-SMUDGES, sometimes you get this if your mascara is too "wet". All you need is a q-tip (i like the baby q-tips) and gently remove any/all smudges to give your eye a clean fresh look
-Apply a 2nd coat for THICKER lashes (do it before the 1st coat dries to prevent CLUMPING)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Joy

Jesus came to earth,

To show us how to live,

How to put others first,

How to love and how to give.

Then He set about His work,

That God sent Him to do;

He took our punishment on Himself;

He made us clean and new.

He could have saved Himself,

Calling angels from above,

But He chose to pay our price for sin;

He paid it out of love.

Our Lord died on Good Friday,

But the cross did not destroy

His resurrection on Easter morn

That fills our hearts with joy.

Now we know our earthly death,

Like His, is just a rest.

We'll be forever with Him

In heaven, where life is best.

So we live our lives for Jesus,

Think of Him in all we do.

Thank you Savior; Thank you Lord.

Help us love like you!

*source of poem HERE*

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bijouterie Haul and GIVEAWAY =)

Hey Beauties so i have a great haul today and giveaway from Bijouterie . They sent me over 2 items of my choice (how nice is that). I picked out...check the pictures below..

This beauuuutiful charm bracelet, i love all the charms..i had to take a picture of each charm to show you how beautiful this bracelet is!!!

This purse actually opens...too cute

look at the pump..omg i love this bracelet lol

This necklace i had to have, i love the double chain and double crowns!!

Bottom Crown

Top Crown

So Beauties..guess what, you have a chance of picking something out from BIJOUTERIE and having the chance of winning that item!!! GREAT RIGHT!! The details are listed below for your chance to enter and win...GOOD LUCK TO ALL =)


  • Must Be a YouTube Subscriber and blog Follower
  • Go to BIJOUTERIE and pick out what peice of jewelry you want if you are the winner, its yours! (one item please)
  • Open to US and Canada ONLY
  • Under 18 is fine, but need parents permission
  • Tweet/Facebook/or any other social network about this giveaway (must provide me with the link) worth 1 extra entry
  • Re post my YouTube video/make your own video/blog post about this giveaway, worth 2 extra entries
STARTS 4/22/11 and EXPIRES 4/29/11 midnight CST


-Winner will be ANNOUNCE  the next day or two after it ends-

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Milani Baked Blushes-Swatches

Hey Beauties!!

Milani sent me some blushes and an eyeshadow of my choice, to share with you ladies. This is my first time trying the Milani brand, and so far I'm impressed. I love how these blushes are suitable for any woman of any tone. These blushes glide on really smooth and soft and is buildable. They have 9 shades to choose from, i have 4 listed below. I personally like to go on light with it, i like the "Natural Glow" look.  You can find these blushes at your local retailer, like Meijers, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. The retail price on the blush is $8.99 and the eye shadows are $7.49. The colors are soooo pretty...check out the pictures below.

BLUSHES from left to right: Luminoso, Corallina, Dolce Pink, Rose D Oro

Luminoso (peach color great for spring and summer, gives you a really beautiful soft healthy glow, my favorite)

Corallina (a coral color, a very popular color, another favorite)

Dolce Pink (pink color blush, great to wear with those pink lips =)

Rose D Oro (Pink & Gold, very pretty shade with that hint of a healthy glow)

Rich Java (a rich brown color, perfect for a nude smokey eye)


Rich Java, very rich indeed =)

a better picture of the blush swatches

*all products were sent to me by PR of Milani Cosmetics*

BEAUTY TIP: How to Bring OUT Your Inner Beauty...

Hey Beauties...

So i found an article online and decide to share it with you. Beauty is so much more then our appearance, we have to learn to bring out our inner Beauty because at the end of the day, this is what MATTERS!!! We are ALL Beautiful, we have to learn that and stop basing ourselves on the world, accept yourself, love yourself...and let your INNER BEAUTY SHINE!!!

Enjoy the Article=)

"Many people are obsessed with their appearance and becoming more beautiful. But, what is inner beauty and how can you improve it? While there are many ways to define it, everyone can recognize that certain spark or charisma that some people have. When you have this sort of charm, people will always want to be a part of your life, no what your outward features may be.

People who emit happiness and a positive attitude are a whole lot more enjoyable to be around then someone who emits depression and a negative attitude. Not a single person isn’t dealing with some kind of issue, so it is a good thing to recognize this and do things that you can in order to help others. This not only makes you more popular, but it will take your mind off your own problems. Re-directing some of your attention to the people around you, as opposed to solely on yourself is vital if you wish to truly enhance your inner beauty. Instead of just fixating on the wicked things of the world around you, it is important to come up with ways to enrich that world around you.

If you are adamant about showcasing your inner beauty, then there are some customs that you should give up. One of these things consists of gossiping and making fault finding statements about another human being. This is something many people do, whether it’s at work, among friends in a bar or coffee shop or on the phone. People who like to gossip about other people are usually have a high popularity because they know how to get the conversation going and entertain others with their gossiping ways. But, they are not known for being trustworthy. This is because they can see that this person will talk about them too. So do not do the wrong thing and engage in this type of activity. This type of behavior will only deflate your sense of inner beauty.

Your natural beauty can be intercepted if you assent to letting negative thoughts enter our minds. You will block your inner beauty if you allow imminent feelings, such as misery, annoyance or even hatred to take over your life, thus resulting in the limitation of your true potential. You have to, first of all, acknowledge any areas where you need to let go of things and then find ways to overcome them. Sometimes counseling or professional help is best, but in many cases talking over your problems with a good friend or family member can help. Furthermore, it’s an issue of keeping an eye on your thoughts and not allowing negativity to take over your life. Your inner beauty will hide itself if you allow negative thoughts to overtake your life, but not so much if you allow the positivity to flow through your life.

There are times when even the best of plans can go astray, which is where it becomes important to learn flexibility. People who find it difficult to accept change, face challenges with stubbornness or intolerance, or who are generally inflexible to anything that goes against what they want are usually the ones who are angry, miserable and stressed. You can seriously affect your inner peace, which can have detrimental effects on your health as well. Yet life can be far happier if you’re willing to adapt to changes with a more flexible viewpoint. While you should still remain true to your own values, you’ll benefit by remembering that there are some events and some people you simply can’t control. People with true inner beauty tend to use obstacles or situations as life-lessons to be learned from, rather than remaining inflexible. To cut a long story short, if you are able to see the desirable qualities and talents you have, as well as those in others, you will be able to find your very own inner beauty. Very often, the more important you make others feel, the more they’ll value you and see you as interesting and attractive. We’ve covered a few guidelines on bringing out your inner beauty, and you’ll discover that if you follow some of these they can make a tremendous difference in how people look at you and the way you feel about yourself."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sigma Miss Taylor Giveaway Winner


Monday, April 18, 2011

My B!tch Face

Hey Beauties! So today i have a review for all my makeup lovers! BitchFaceCosmetics sent me over a few products of my choice to review, i chose 2 eye shadows in ENVY(green) and GLUTTONY(blue) and a lip gloss in CANDY.

Isnt this the cutest packaging? It came usps just like this (the card is covering my address for my protection), i love the red, so spicy! =)

1.5 grams each of product. $11.00

Detail: Named after the 7 deadly sins, the signature brazen brights eye shadows are vibrant, smooth, and long lasting. They are designed to create DRAMATIC and BRAZEN look and are great for theatrical and high fashion looks. They Blend superbly and stay true to their appearance. Use wet or dry (i used it dry) as an eyeshadow or wet as a dramatic eyeliner (i will be trying this next, love color eyeliner)


Im in love with this CANDY gloss. $8.00

Details: "Our wet-look lip gloss provides long lasting, super shiny light reflections. Acts as an emollient and helps to protect the lips from dryness while providing a moisturized healthy lip line."

This gloss is very THICK, and it does last!!! i loooove it! also its very pigmented!

Heres a coupon code ladies..get your shop on..BFCOSMETICS

They also sent me these cute items...THANK YOU!!!

Make Sure you check them out HERE