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Weave Free Styles

Hey Beauties so here is a page dedicated to my hair...lol. Weave Free! If you have been following me and my YouTube, you know i have decided to try to wear my own hair out more. Now I'm not giving up my lovely half wigs...but i will be rocking my own hair more... so here you will find pictures of me with my hair...flat ironed, Caruso sets, roller sets, buns, braid outs, Bantu knots, etc....=)

Messy Bun

April 2011 Heat Pass

Braid Out Pony Puff

2 Large Bantu Results

March 2011 Simple Pony

Double Front Twist (YT VIDEO)

Double Flower Updo
Triple Flower Updo

Triple Twist Bun
Pin Curl Bun

Caruso Wave Pony
Caruso Rollers

Bantu Knot (video coming soon on YT)

Flat Iron w/bump

Hair Bow (Tutorial on my YT)

Flex Rod Set (YT Tutorial coming soon)

WebCam Hair Shots

 caruso wave updo with spin pins
 caruso wave pony

side shot of caruso wave pony

 Caruso Saran Wrap

Pillow Roller Set

Pillow Roller Updo 

Caruso Waves

Tighter Curl Pillow Roller Updo

Pillow Rollers High Pony Tail

Flat Iron & Curled

April Heat Pass

Braid Out Pony Puff...relax girls-we can rock puffs too =)

2 Large Bantu Results

Simple Pony to the Back

Messy Bun