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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

KKCenterHK-Lashes & MAKEUP

Hello Beauties! I have a review to share with you ladies..from KKCenterHK , this site has a variety of lashes and wigs, and some makeup to choose from. The prices are extremely cheap..look at what i got below (each item is under 5 bucks)

These are my favorite! I love how you could use 1 or more on your lashes for a more natural look. Im using one on each eye (corner), check the picture below. These cost only $3.30...good huh.. CLICK HERE FOR LASHES

These are some DIVA lashes for real lol..haven't wore these yet..i will be sure to post when i do =)... CLICK HERE FOR LASHES only $1.90!

Take a look at this eyeshadow palette...the colors are really pigmented..i think these would look cute as a lash liner (underneath your eye)...price...only $3.80 ...plus you get to blushes with this, under compact..sorry no pics..(forgot) CLICK HERE FOR PALETTE

*Products were sent to me by KKCenterHk for a possible review*


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