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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Caruso Wave Pony *REVISTED*

Hey Beauties..so im revisiting a hair style i did during my last relaxer period...caruso wave pony! I really Love this style, so simple and quick and the results are always beautiful. All i did was co-washed my hair last nite, air dried of course----NO HEAT FOR ME. And these are my waves today, 15 mins to set and there you have it...enjoy the pics and ill post my YOUTUBE video below (tutorial) and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE =)

Heres my eye look, products used were from RIMMEL, post on this review already. Im loving green eyeshadow now..lol. On my lips, MAC Shygirl lipstick and MAC GLOSS (cant remb the name right now, ill post later.)

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