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Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty Tip:: Aloe Vera Gel

Hey Beauties!!! Happy Monday!!!

Heres some beauty tips on Aloe Vera Gel...ennnnjoy

  1. Aloe Vera Gel can be mixed with your shampoo/conditioner to help treat hair loss. And also condition the hair which will make it more soft and shiny.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel is an excellent skin moisturizer (penetrates skin 4xs faster than water)
  3. You can use AVG as a "gel" to help hold your hair without all the alcohol that regular hair gel tends to have.
  4. AVG helps with acne, it helps to reduce redness & swelling. It also helps with your skin to help heal it from the acne and it will overall improve the health of your skin. ( you can apply a AVG mask at nite after you wash your face, rinse off in the morning, caution: AVG tends to sting the eyes)
  5. AVG (pills,gel,juice) can help with weight loss by cleaning out all the toxins in your body... for more on this click HERE

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How I Self-RELAX part 1

Hey Beauties...Happy Thursday =)

This is how i self relax my own hair. This is just to give you an idea incase you are wondering how to self relax. Remember, what works for me might not work for you.

The relaxer i use and love, is Dark & Lovely, regular, with shea butter
First i section my hair into 4 parts, i then apply my proclaim oil (pic below) to my hair, a very little bit, making sure i get my ends to protect them. After i do this, i then put like a quater size amount of oil into the relaxer mix. This helps slow down the relaxing process...

Then i apply it to my new growth ONLY, with the relaxer brush (i kno this isnt the right name lol). I start at my crown since this is where my hair is more coarse at and is harder to get straight...i then move to the back, nape area, the the front of my hair, finally doing my edges LAST. I time myself and watch my hair from once the relaxer touches my hair to see how it is processing. I leave the relaxer in my hair anywhere from 15-20 mins. I move in a fast but i make sure to be careful not to overlap.


I then rinse out all of the relaxer really good, making sure not to leave any behind...Before i neutralize my hair i apply Aphogee 2 min (protein) this helps put some protein back into the hair making it strong from the relaxer...which takes out some protein.

I leave this on anywhere from 5-10 mins, then i rinse and neutralize my hair. I neutralize, rinse 3xs...on the last wash i leave in my hair for 5 mins..to make sure to stop the relaxing process.

Next i shampoo my hair with Aphogee Shampoo for damage hair. Rinse, then i deep condition my hair with one n' only argan oil mask.

Leave on for 10-15 mins..rinse, then final rinse with COLD water!

woooooh....that was a lot, lol, but thats what I do...I will let you beauties know what i do after this in part 2...what products and stuff like that =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey Beauties!!!

So I ordered some stuff online, and i wanted to share it with you ladies...

I ordered the MAC Blush in Blunt $18.50
This is really good for contouring...i will be using this to contour my nose..yup, i have a wiiiiide nose lol!! You can use this as an eyeshadow too...be creative ladies.

I also picked up the NARS highlighting blush in Albatross. Now let me start off by saying WHY i purchased this. I have seen so many reviews on YouTube (man...youtube and its reviews, this is why my shopping problem hasn't stopped...it has gotten worse actually lol) and ladies saying how much they loved it, and it looked pretty on them as well. Now when i opened my package, my 1st thought was, why in the world did i order this little tiny thing of blush for $26.00...i felted dumb...buuuuut...i tried it on, and yes, im in love with it!!! Hey they say good things come in small packages right-LOL

You can also use this highlight on your eyes, under your brow bone, middle of your nose, list goes on...

And last but not least, i got the MAC Studio tech $29.50...the reason i purchased this was because its suppose to be Great for Sensitive Skin!!! It also provides a range of coverage, and its a cream based foundation...im anxious to try this out (review soon) annnnnd its Dermatologist tested...We shall see!

Do you have any of these products? If so do you like them?

GiveAway Winner IS...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Thoughts....

....These are just my thoughts, i don't know why I'm writing it here, but maybe its to help someone, to touch someone. Did you know God blesses us to bless others? He does. I feel like i am put here to do something, we all are. But you have to learn to listen to him and to pay attention to the signs he shows you. I remember before being saved, i would always here the word of God from random people. I never payed any attention, i was a lost soul, i thought i was "saved" but i wasn't doing what a saved person do...i was doing worldly things. Doing what my mind wanted to...Sin. But i always put the word out of my head...but now i realize that it was God all along SPEAKING to ME!!! Gosh, i was so blind...so blind, so lost. Honestly I'm just happy i finally opened my eyes and ears and heart to him...I got saved before it was to late. I'm not ashamed of GOD, I'm not ashamed to let the world know, because you know what, its God telling me to write this, because i believe this will touch someone who reads this..God uses us to touch, to speak, to warn others. Its up to you to actually LISTEN. Don't look at it as someone just preaching the word to you, its God, rather its your mom, your friend, a stranger....Learn to Listen to his voice, to recognize it. It will save you.

I am changed in away you can not see...i am change from within. What use to get to me years ago, can not touch me anymore...SIN. I am not perfect, i am human, and i do tend to slip up, sometimes i let the Devil into my weak zones, my past-my hurt. I am learning to keep my armor up at all times, but sometimes it gets to heavy...but I'm praying to God for him to lift that heaviness away and to help me each day to be a better woman of God..I live for him 1st- my family 2nd. When you feel weak and you feel yourself slipping...pray to God for guidance.

Move your past/sins to another column and claim it dead. I reckon it...i Reckon myself to be dead. I rather live my days here knowing and doing what is right by God then to live in Sin and do what my flesh wants me too...which is more important?

You cant change what has happen to you in the past or the things you have done. Take what has hurt you, move it over to another column, you are taking all the POWER OF GRIEF  away...AMEN! Don't let your past hold Power over your Present-Your Future-YOUR DESTINY.

If you haven't watched the video from yesterdays post of TD Jakes....please do so.

I am going to choose to be positive, i am not going to be negative or bitter from my past hurts. Don't ever give anyone Power over your life. When people do you wrong, rather its your friends, family, children, mother or father..do not let what they DID TO YOU BECOME YOU!!!! That is Power!! You are better than that...You are Gods Child...and you are free of it. You cant change what is going to happen to you but you can choose how you feel, you can use it to become bitter or use it to become better...IM USING MINES TO BECOME BETTER.

Monday, January 24, 2011

T D Jakes - Reckoning Day

I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I am NOT the same person i was a year ago... I am a NEW me...a BETTER me...im Saved!!

You have to CHANGE your MIND to CHANGE your LIFE!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Flower Updo

Happy Sunday Beauties!!

So here's how i am wearing my hair today...i think i have found my new favorite up do...yay! lol This is just like the post from yesterday but instead you can do it with 2 pin curl twist...Tomorrow i will try with 1..ha ha.

Like my makeup? =)

With this...i added the medium size bump it to the front to give it some lifted.

I did this just how i did the flower buns yesterday, this time i took 2 sections instead, twisted it and pin curled  it and secure them with bobby pins. I really love this hair style, its so simple to do, you can throw some flowers in this style to make it look cuter...and its heat free.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Triple Flower Updo

Hey Beauties!!!

OK, i know you are prob laughing at the name but i just honestly didn't know what to call this look...all i can say is that is was inspired from YouTube. LOL. Didn't turn out like the girls on YouTube, but i think it still looks cute,esp with the flowers clipped in. I like it alot, i like that its off my face, off my clothes, and my ends are protected still...

Im just trying many different looks, im not use to wearing my own hair out so i have to be creative with it if i don't want to wear it down...buuuuuut i will be flat ironing next weekend...family pics, plus its been almost a month anyway since i used heat, so ill be ok...next relaxer will be in March..end of March so to say...

What would you call this look?

I took 3 sections of hair, twisted it and did it like a pin curl, then secured it with a bobby pin. Lifted the front a little bit so it wouldn't be flat...this is another heat free hair style by the way...who says you cant look cute with out heat...shoot I'm shooting for bra strap hair baby lol =P

Tutorial coming soon...been sick so all I've been able to do was take pictures, sorry =(

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Makeup Tip:: Concealer as Foundation

Hey Beauties!!!

So i have a beauty tip i found and i wanted to share with you all. All you need is TWO items, lotion of choice and concealer of choice. You can use your fingers or your brush, which ever you prefer. Now remember, lotion drys out very quick, so you have to work fast. All you have to do  is mix your concealer and your lotion together until it is mixed well...then apply it to your face. The results will give you a really beautiful flawless look....you can then apply a little more concealer alone to any blemishes you still see///or you can do it before your concealer foundation application.  So that's the beauty tip i wanted to share with you ladies, found this online on YouTube and HAD to share it with you...i am so trying this, and you know i will post pictures..=)

enjoy your new flawless face beauties =)

*i will be posting videos again soon, egh, trying to get over this cold =( my whole family is sick...and we are suppose to take family pics this weekend..lets hope we can get over these colds by then lol*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neighbors Know My Name by Trey Songz(Cover)

O-M-G you have to hear these ladies...seriously, they blew me away...i just had to show them some love on my blog, damn, they got down =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triple Twist Bun

Heeeey Beauties!!!

I did this bun a few days ago, tryna experiment a little bit with buns, being i am not a bun person at all. So i am not use to wearing buns, i think i look weird with my hair pulled back lol...but back in the day I LOVED PONYS lol. So this is something i have to get used too. I want my ends to be protected, i want to - have to reach my goal of being BSL by June...

So here all i did was brushed my hair to the side right back and used a headband, as a pony holder. I took 3 parts of the pony and did a loose twist to them all and secure them with a bobby pin, then of course added a little clip flower from F21.

Looking at the pictures it dont look that bad, lol i took it right down after i did it lol. I am going to start making tutorials on my buns soon...i promise =)

*pictures taken off cell phone*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pin Curl Bun

Hey Beauties!!!

I wanted to show you all my bun i did today. I think this is a cute bun to go out to dinner or whatever. Its really simple to do, took me less than 5 mins. I did this on airdry/caruso hair. Products i used were, LTR- 7 proclaim oil- olive oil gel on edges, hair band without metal and several large bobby pins. I also added a hair flower on the side (forever21)

Hope You Beauties Like...this is a great protective styles to protect those ends...
 i created these pin curls just by wrapping it under my finger
 front of the bun
this is the top of the bun, please excuse the quality, these pics were taken from my cell phone =)

xoxo purebeauty

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Caruso Wave Pony

Hey Beauties!!!

So today i went ahead and put my hair in a "banana clip" with a slight hump in the front. Yesterday after i co-washed my hair i let it air dry 100% then i used my Caruso rollers to set some loose waves. Yesterday i just pinned it up, today i put in the clip. I don't want to really wear it down for awhile because i don't want my ends rubbing against my clothes, you really have to be careful with your ends, that's the part that will break off easily....that's why alot of times women don't think their hair is growing bc their ends are breaking but their hair is still growing (new growth). You really have to protect those ends ladies. Moisturize and Seal are so important for women of color.

Products Used:

garnier leave in conditioner
garnier serum
tresseme moisture conditioner (co wash)
one n' only conditioner (after co wash, left in for 5 min then rinse with cold water)
chi infusion (before applying rollers)
Caruso rollers

I maintain the wave at night by of course using my LTR and Argan Oil then putting it in one bantu knot on the top of my head, secure it with bobby pin and place bonnet over head...and head to bed =)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GiveAway Time Beauties -CLOSED-


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Contest ends on 1-25-11 .... GOOD LUCK
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Beauty Tip:: Garlic

Hey Beauties! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend =0)

So I'm going to share with you what i have learned about Garlic? Are you a garlic lover? Did you know garlic has many benefits to taking them? Think about your grandparents or even your great grandparents, I'm sure if you ask them they can give you so many beauty tips with the food or supplements around you, why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you don't have too?

Health Benefits:

Garlic is a powerful Antibiotic, its one of the most popular health herbs out there right now.
It can also help with high blood pressure.
Reduce Levels of Fat in the Liver.
It can also help prevent certain cancers.
And it helps prevents heart attacks and diabetes and much more.

Hair Benefits::

Garlic can also be good for our scalp and our hair. Garlic stimulates blood circulation to our scalp and helps remove any harmful toxins which is important for the growth of our hair & helping prevent hair loss.
Adding Garlic to your shampoo or conditioner can help with making your hair stronger and to STOP any breakage...hey now lol!
Garlic can also help with dry hair and scalp

"An hour before bedtime, slice open a clove of garlic and rub it on the hair loss area. Wait for an hour then massage the scalp with olive oil. Put on a cap and go to bed. In the morning, shampoo your hair. Repeat this remedy for a few weeks, and hopefully hair will stop falling out and re-grow."


Garlic promotes weight control...allicin is the most potent substance found in garlic and this has been shown to not only lower blood pressure, insulin and  more, but also to prevent weight gain.
The reason it helps with your weight is because garlic acts as a appetite suppressant.
Garlic has another lethal weight loss arsenal- it stimulates the nervous system to release hormones like adrenalin which speeds up your metabolic rate

So as you can see Garlic has many benefits and this is just a small list...lol

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick Messy Bun

Hey Beauties so yesterday I did my wash with my argan line and did 6 braids. I wasn't planning to wear my hair down so after I did my braids I pinned them upwards. Put on my bonnet and went to sleep. This morning I brushed the edges and just put it up in a messy bun since I was staying in today. I made sure to tuck in my ends and used a few bobby pins. The results are in the pictures .... I will be doing a cowash either tomorrow or Tuesday ... maybe then ill do the double bantu knots???
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Salon Results at Home pt 1

Hey Beauties!!! So I just got done doing my hair and wanted to show you all my results. I achieved this style at home of course with my caruso rollers. I looooooove these rollers. I will be sharing more pictures from my camara once I upload them later to my laptop. I will also be making a youtube video on this and will have it up Sunday or Monday. I cowashed today and let it airdry. My roots were still wet so I blew it out with cool air. Set it with the rollers for 30 mins, and these were my results. Products used will be in the next post. Enjoy your weekend beauties.

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Bantus on Flat Iron Hair

Hey Beauties!!!

So i did this style after i already had my hair flat ironed from my relaxer. I actually did this right before i washed it out the next day, lol wasnt sure how it was going to come out. I did 5 Bantu's, 2 on the front side, 1 large middle, 2 in the back...the middle was a fail, should have done like 2-3 smaller ones instead of 1 large one. Now i know. So all i did was apply a little bit of my LTR and my favorite oil, Argan Oil, and went to twist lol..Slept in them and woke up and these were the results.... 

Overall i liked it, its a nice loose wave..nice summer hair style imo. I plan on doing a double twist Bantu next week, that will be my 1st time doing it. Seen it on YouTube on HoneyK1020's channel. i cant wait to see how this comes out.. of course ill be posting pics and doing a video =)

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