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Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 Large Bantus

Im loving Bantu Knots, i mean its so simple to do, low manipulation, and you could easily turn this into a protective style, by hiding those ends. I just took 2 sections, parted with my finger (cant you tell lol) and secured it with a bobby pin, speaking of bobby pins-i need some more.

top section of hair

bottom section of hair

*i moisturized and sealed hair prior to the knots and tied it with my scarf*

this morning after finger combing it...love the waves!

just shows you what you could do to your hair without rollers or heat..=) you could still look beautiful!


  1. my bantu knots came out like this one time. your hair is so beautiful

  2. How do u keep ur new growth moisturized? I had a problem with that and tangles in my new.growth.


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