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Sunday, February 27, 2011

ABCneckties.com Review & Giveaway!!!

Hey Beauties!!!

So I have a giveaway and review for you...for the review please check out the video on my YOUTUBE page. This tie was sent to me for a review, and everything is my own and honest opinion. My husband picked out a black and gold tie for himself. The tie is really good quality and the price is very affordable. You can get some neckties for like 25 bucks..sounds good right? They also have bowties and extra long ties, many different styles to fit your guys needs. Easter is right around the corner, right on time for a new tie =)


Giveaway is open to US AND CANADA ONLY =)
starts 2/27 and ends 3/13 midnite cst

Must be a follower of my blog here and subbie of my YT page, HERE (MANDATORY)


  • Make a video about this giveaway, live or slide show=2 entries
  • Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network this giveaway=1 entry
  • Follow ABCneckties TWITTER= 1 entry
  • Follow ABCneckties FACEBOOK= 1 entry
  • Follow ABCneckties BLOG= 1 entry

Winner gets to choose either a TIE of their choice or a $25.00 Gift Certificate


*Yes this tie was sent to me for free for my honest review, i love it, the quality is great and my husband is pleased..now you can also win one for your loved one too..free =-)*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

T. D. Jakes - Thy Brother Shall Rise Again (2/10)

Tangle Teezer for Little Girls *REVIEW*

i LOVE this brush and for my daughters hair, i LOVE it even more. She does not fuss as much anymore, and it takes me only a few mins to get the tangles out. It works like a charm on her wet curly hair and still does amazing on her dry hair. The only con is the brush shape, it does take some getting use to holding it and brushing. But other than that, i would highly suggest you tryin this brush out for your childrens hair. You can find this brush at AMAZON (JustForHair) and TANGLETEEZER.COM.

The brush is too cute, it even has a compartment for storing. =-) and it also comes in blue.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeling MINTED =)

Alright...so first off don't mind my nails, i KNOW its "messy" lol but, i was polishing them in the dark (everyone was sleep) ...don't judge me =P

Do i like this color by Revlon? Now that I'm not too sure..i don't dislike it. But i will say its a color i will really have to get use too. Its a pretty color buuuut I'm not really sure if this color suits my skin tone. But i like the color, just now sure if on me. The color reminds me somewhat of Tiffany. They should come out with a polish name Tiffany lol. Do any of you Beauties know of a color very similar to Tiffany????

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drugstore.com Beauty Haul

Hey Beauties!=)

So i was tempted when i came across DrugStore.com...they have some really good prices, better than Walgreens and CVS-IMO. Plus they offer FREE shipping when you spend $25.00...good right...well that's not the only thing, they even off online coupons to use and not to forget some of their buy one get one half off...sounds very tempting..and tempted i was! lol.
By the way...everything shown, i purchased with my own money =) and everything came up to $27.00....i think that is REALLY GOOD! So to the haul....


 This color is soooo pretty...its called Minted..i cant wait to try this color out!

Black Lingerie, i haven't wore black polish since middle school...even though my husband thinks its Ugly, i think its chic...so i deff wanna try to rock this again..lets see how it looks soon.

All Fired Up...This is my fave, i LOOOOOVE red polishes and this one is FIRE...(im wearing this now lol--very sexy color) sometimes you need a little Spice in your life =P

 Craving Coral..i really wanted to try a coral color..great spring color..all i need now is a coral and peach shade lipstick =)

 Of course i had to get a couple lipsticks..esp after see this cute red one on YouTube..i had to have it!

FairyTale...very pretty pink, not toooooo bright, perfect shade of pink for me..well lets see it on 1st right lol.

All Fired Up...now this little sexy lipstick was the reason for my WHOLE purchase lol...this color is a MUST..OMG ITS SOOOO SEXY!!!!!

And here are the swatches...very pigmented! Thumbs Up for that!!

I cant wait to play around with everything shown...I think i may wear Hot Passion tonight, going out with the hubby...ill also be posting my OOTN!!! Wait to you see my dress...its so cute!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Praise His Name EVERYDAY!!!

Praise Him everyday...not just on Sundays or when you are in need...Lets do it every single day. He is ALWAYS there for us when we need him, there to listen, there to talk too, there to heal..everything...so why not praise him every single minute! Hes your Best Friend... he will never hurt you..this is someone you could always TRUST, He is GOD!

If you have been a follower of my blog for awhile now, you know i am not ashamed of my faith. Even though this may be consider a "Beauty" Blog, i still blog about my faith, about God. I listen to him and he tells me what to write..sometimes i don't want to share some info but i do because i know it will help someone out there...You never know who you touch, God works through all of us! So make sure you Listen..You never know what God may say to you today =)

Praise Him..God is God!

You are never alone...remember that...he is always there! He is so worthy of our Praise!

"I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies" (2 Samuel 22:4).

"You are worthy, our LORD and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being" (Revelation 4:11).

God Bless You ALL =)


Model Model Sunny Lace Front TEASER

Tangle Teezer GiveAway WINNER

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty Tip:: How to Save that NOT so Pretty Shade of Lipstick?

Have you every brought a shade of lipstick from the store or online, and it looked pretty in the tube but once you got home and tried it on...you were like, WTH!!??!! lol

Well I'm sure you have just like myself. I have done that so many times, even just recently. I ordered some MAC lippies, first did my "research" online on YouTube and thought i would be "Safe" but ummmm...no!! So i ordered the Vegas Volt, i feel in love with this color...once i got it home and actually tried it on my lips (yesterday)...my heart was tore in pieces lol. I HATED IT!!! Its just way to BRIGHT for my lips, my face, my everything...it makes me look like a CLOWN!

So...what did I do? Like the past mistakes lol! I apply my lip gloss first and then i apply just a very little of the Lipstick of Horror lol, and it makes my gloss pop with a nice little tint! Tones the color down BIG TIME! And leaves me happy and not feeling like i have wasted my money =/


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Hair & New Lip

Hey Beauties! So in these pics, I'm rocking my new MAC Creme Cup lippie with the MAC Bountiful Gloss over it. I'm loving it, i think its so cute...The texture of this lipstick glides on so smooth..i love it. Ill post more pics of the new lippies once i wear them.

Also I'm rocking a new doo...its a Lace wig actually, Isis Sabrina. Its a curly wig, i love texture wigs, its more realistic IMO. Also with this brand, i notice the wigs aren't shiny like most..that's a must. I decided to rock my lace because I'm 8weeks post relaxer and my New Growth is KICKING in now...so I'm using this style to protect my hair 100%...i still do my daily routine with my hair Reggie. I may rock some half wigs during this period...but right now,i want my hair to be covered to the fullest. I'm going to relax at the end of March/Beg' of April...i hope to be on my way to BSL...But I'm not expecting to reach that goal until June...*crossing fingers*

Heres more Pics of MAC's Creme Cup=)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 New Mac Lipsticks

Hey Beauties!

So i just had to have these MAC Lippies, Vegas Volt and Creme Cup...omg these colors are amazing! After seeing them on YouTube, i just had to add it to my MAC Collection... i swear im done, well for now on the MAC lippies...lol. I really want the MAC  woodwinked, ricepaper, and expresso to add to my eyeshadow collection...thanks to ulovemegz lol! Hmmm...maybe ill get it sooner than later, because it looked so pretty when she had it on...SMH, Damn YouTube!!!

okay...heres the pics Beauties.

CREME CUP (left) & VEGAS VOLT (right)



 CREME CUP (more creamy) & VEGAS VOLT (matte finish)

And here is a picture of my wearing MAC's Ruby Woo...such a SEXY RED =-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st Bantu Knot out (AirDry Hair)

Happy Sunday Beauties!!=-)

So a few days ago i did my 1st Bantu Knot out on air dry hair..the results were cute. My husband actually loved it, so thats always a + right?!


I co-washed my hair with my fave conditioner, Tresseme with Vit E and i deep conditioned with One n Only Argan Oil Mask for (15 mins) no heat. I then proceeded to my way of air drying (i already have a YouTube video on this, check it out). After it was dry i applied my LTR & Oil. I also used a little bit of Carols Daughter Loc Butter on each section of doing the knots. I did 4 knots on each side, left & right, with a part down the middle (made with my fingers, no comb) I secured them with bobby pins, applied my satin scarf and went to sleep....

Next morning:

Applied a little oil and rubbed it through my knots before separating and fluffing.

I liked the results, gave me like a short curly look, i think this would deff be a cute summer style.

Nite Time Routine:

Of course i still did my moisture and seal =-) but instead of doing 4 knots on each side, i decided to do 1 knot on each side, lightly finger combing so smooth out just a bit, then did each knot.

Next Morning Results:

The waves are a bit looser...

And theres my post Beauties...Also to let you know, you may not see *MY* hair because im going on 8 weeks post and NG is kicking in, so its time to protect my hair and give it a break,i want to retain my length so its very important i pamper it...I will be doing my 1st love of protective styles, lol, half wigs and even some lace front wigs until my next relaxer at either 12 or 13 weeks post...hey maybe even 15wks, i will see and of course keep you updated =-)

All other tutorials of my heat free styles will have to be after my relaxer =-(


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tip of The Day =)

Don't be ashamed of your blessings, but bless others with your blessings! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tangle Teezer Review

This Video says it ALL!!!!!!!!

One thing i LOOOVE about this brush is that it helps with not only getting those tangles out but it helps reduce breakage.  And breakage usually happents when you detangle...but not with this brush. Im so happy they have this brush out...its a must!!

Where to purchase these tangle teezers?

TangleTeezer.com or Amazon.com (JustForHair)

they have many different colors, originals & compacts, and childrens..

Tangle Teezer GIVEAWAY!!!!

Starts 2-8-11 and Ends 2-16-11 CST 12midnite


follow BOTH my blog or YouTube
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make a video (live or pics) worth 2 entries!!
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Leave your BEAUTY TIP & Must be a subscriber to either my blog or YouTube

Beauty Tip:: Aloe as Face Primer

ALOE VERA GEL anyone??

Aloe Vera Gel works perfect for a face primer! It leaves your skin feeling SUPER soft and moisturize. Face Primer in general gets your face ready for makeup, creating a smoother and even canvas. So does Aloe Vera Gel, and it leaves your pores looking smaller. Sounds good to me, lol. If you are using a powder foundation you can apply your aloe vera gel before your makeup (make sure to let the gel DRY!!) or if you are using a liquid foundation, you can mix the two or just apply it before...the choice is yours.

I actually like this as my face primer now, better than my MAC, ELF, Revlon...im in love with my simple Fruit of the Earth Aloe, which only cost 4 bucks....=)

You can use any aloe vera gel, or fresh aloe Vera, but make sure it is 100% aloe and its CLEAR!!!

Also Aloe Vera Gel is GOOOOOD for your skin...all natural & healthy. You cant beat that right?


Not SO Blueberry

Hey Beauties!!!

This Polish is by Revlon, and omg it smells so good...yummy blueberries!!!! Im happy they now have nail polish that actually smells good...You can pick this up at any drugstore.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey Beauties!!!

Here's my face of the day,going out later with the hubby and thought this look was cute, girly, and simple...tell me what you think.

Products Used::

MAC Powder NC 45
MAC Concealer NC 45 & NC 44 (under eyes)
MAC Fix+ to set makeup

MAC Blunt Blush for contouring
MAC Danity Blush on cheeks
NARS Albatross for highlight

MAC Beautiful Iris on lid
MAC BlackGround on top lash line
Bare Minerals Black liner & set with Kat Von Lucifer
Maybelline Falsies in black&brown

MAC Shy Girl lippie
MAC Moth to Flame gloss

I absolutely LOVE Shy Girl!!!! This is deff my new fave and must have lipstick from this time on...And the falsie mascara, is a must...=)