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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Split-Ender Trim

Hey Beauties! So it was time for a trim, the last time i had a trim was back in Aug of last year. I trim my hair between once to twice a year. The next time i trim my hair will either be this December or March of 2012.

I received a Split-Ender to review, and i was so excited to try this out. I have heard alot of good things about this, so i was excited to be able to do this particular review. I love the fact that you could do your own trim and not have to go to a salon only to be disappointed...im sure you have been there yourself. Go in for a trim and come out with a HAIR CUT!!

The directions were to take small sections and repeat 3xs, i did exactly that, and this is all the hair that came out...im happy.
My results were amazing because my ends looked and felt so much smoother than before. Check out my Review Video below for more on this Split-Ender =)

Interested in checking the Split-Ender out for yourself? The link is to the right of this blog.



Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey Beauties. Do you designer clothing like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs Handbags? Well BLUEFLY is the website for you! You would be amazed at all the beautiful items they have at some really great prices. If you are obsessed with Fashion, BlueFly will be your one stop shop.

You can also sign up for BLUEFLY email alerts and save $30 off your first order! You can also follow them on TWITTER and like them on FACEBOOK!

You can save up to 40% off popular designers like Armani, Guess, Polo, Heidi Klein and much much more. They have everything for everyone, from women to men to shoes to handbags, they even have the popular Christian Louboutin. Signing up is free and quick, you can join HERE

If you love shoes like me, then you have to check these shoes out, these shoes are bad.  Alexander McQueen ... ill just add these to my wish list, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, if anyone of you would like to get me this as a gift, ill love you forever lol. I love how these shoes make a statement. I would rock this in the fall with some leggings and a cute sweater tunic. Ill keep everything basic because these shoes scream ATTENTION LOOK AT ME. I looove these! I love the ribbed 5inch heel, these are just some sexy shoes! Dont you think? Then the skull cutout pull tag gives it some rock and roll flavor. I really like these alot!

And last but not least they also carry Beauty & Fragrance for men and women. They have Burberry, Gucci, and Prada, etc. They have alot to choose from. The site is really easy to navigate so im sure you'll like it too! Dont forget to sign up for those newsletters.

Robin Thicke - Lost Without U

One of my FAVORITE songs, wow bring back tons of memories, wow im getting so old lol. Enjoy this video Beauties =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Diva Things

Hey Beauties! I wanted to share with you ladies some beautiful items i received from ALL DIVA THINGS . This site has everything for your inner Diva needs, lol. They have beautiful jewelry and  handbags. The jewelry really looks one of a kind, its truly some well made pieces. You wont regret your purchase, look at the stuff i received.

I loooove this necklace, its such a beautiful spring/summer statement necklace that will add some beauty to any outfit you choose to wear with this. The detail is amazing and the quality of this necklace is great, the necklace is kinda heavy too.

These earrings are my favorite earrings in the world, i wore these to the Usher OMG Concert last month, these earrings will make a head turn in a split second lol. These earrings could be described in one word GORGEOUS!! These earrings are also heavy.

Isn't this bracelet cute...look at the detail

Another cute bracelet, the only thing is the inner part of the bracelet is fabric and it irritates my skin =(

Look at this beautiful purse...omg, you gotta love the color, this will make any boring outfit pop!

I love the handle...this purse isn't cheaply made at all, the quality is excellent

The inside of this purse has alot of room in the inside, its very deep and wide.

Also comes with a strap if you want to change it up...what a great idea.

Overall I'm pleased with the quality of these products and the prices on the site are very reasonable. They have alot of Trendy but yet different pieces then what you see on other sites and in the store. I will most deff buy from them in the near future especially for special occasions when i want my jewelry to stand out and for heads to turn. Make sure you check ALL DIVA THINGS out...you wont regret it Beauties..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

-Beyonce-MISS YOU

<a href='http://video.msn.com?vid=ddbb87bb-10ed-4865-8902-ab52bb00cca9&amp;mkt=en-us&amp;src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title=''I Miss You' by Beyoncé' >Video: 'I Miss You' by Beyoncé</a>

Have you guys heard this video yet by Beyonce, i LOVE it, her voice is amazing and the lyrics are amazing...  ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bishop TD Jakes - The Blessed Test Part 6.rm

Bishop TD Jakes - The Blessed Test Part 4.rm

Think BIG, Pray BIG, Expect BIG

Dont underestimate the Power of GOD. GODS dream is so much bigger then what you think, life tries to reduce us but GOD wants to expand us. He owns it all and he can do it all, what does it take? FAITH in him and PRAYER.

Honor GOD with your life and you will see him perform the IMPOSSIBLE in your life. GOD wants you to advance, the devil wants to keep you where you are. Dont be easily satisfied, dont hit the wall...keep going and keep going hard in FAITH

It may not take a day, or a month, it may take years. But you have to remain strong in FAITH  and GOD, its a test of your faith. He wants to see if you are going to be in it for the long run. God wants to bless you more than your normal, he likes to do unusual things. DONT GET STUCK IN YOUR THINKING!!!

God always has other plans for you...his blessings are explosive blessings. GOD is such a great GOD, he can do anything, ANYTHING...doesnt that mean something to you? Doesnt that feel GOOD to know no matter what you are faced with GOD can HEAL it.

Rather its school, your income, your marriage, GOD has the ability to make it better, he will, but you have to keep your FAITH!!! PRAY- PRAY- PRAY and PRAY some more...

DARE TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING BIG, dont make excuses, dont settle for the "right now", you can RISE HIGHER in EVERYTHING!!!!

GOD is our healer, he is our Father, he is our counselor, he is so great!!!


this message felt so great today when i heard this from Joel Osteen, oh how i love the power of GOD and feeling of his presence. GOD is going to bless me, i feel it, he is going to heal me of everything and make all my dreams come true...i believe, ive seen it, but im not stopping here, im going to keep walking with GOD and im going to keep praying to him, because no prayer is ever to BIG...remember that!!!


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hey Beauties, so i was sent over some products from AVEYOU this site has a HUGE selection of Beauty items, its a large Beauty Boutique basically. The shipping is quick. I placed my order last week, received an email the following day that it was shipped off and received it at my door exactly 1 week from the shipment email. Not bad. It was packaged well, all the items were secured and good to go.

The items were in this cute green bag right out the box. i love this idea. This site has so many items to choose from, im sure you would love it, just be sure to click the brands because each brand "link" has more items to choose from.

Heres all the stuff i received =)

OPI lovers you will be in Heaven bc AVEYOU  has a huge selection of OPI's including all the Shatters!!!

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON THE ITEMS ABOVE, names, etc =) and dont forget to use this coupon code to save $15 =)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Xccessetc.com Haul

Hey Beauties! I want to share with you ladies some items Xccessetc sent me over for review. They sent me over these killer shoes and some very cute trendy jewelry. I love these black heels, they say SEXY all day! i love how you can wear something really simple and these heels will make the outfit SEXY.

These Peep Toe Booties are $37.80 and i love them but i do think they are over price for the quality however, i think they should drop the price to at least $25.00

Next thing they sent me was this bangle, its a CD Bangle. This isnt quite my taste, but if you are into huge statement bracelets, then this might be for you. I think however this will be cute for a photo shoot =)

I absolutely love this Statement Necklace, i love the details on it! You can dress this up or down, wear it with a dress or romper, this is great to have in your collection! I will deff be wearing this.

Heres another necklace they sent me, something simple and cute, not my style however but im sure some of you would like it. This would be cute with a tank and some jeans IMO. I think this might be there symbol though bc its the same symbol on their business card...

Next is this ring!! LOVE, yes i love this baby, i love how its kinda funky, 80s/90s style. Its a double band ring. You will deff see me rocking this ring alot!

And now to my FAVORITEEEEE item they sent me, these BEAUTIFUL earrings, i feel in love with these! i love everything about it, the color, the length, everything! I will rock this with a cute summer dress, a tank and some shorts, whatever! I love these!!!

Earlace...a very simple cute gold earlace, a must to have in your jewelry collection!

I really love Xccessetc website. Its very chic and girly, the design is beautiful and easy to navigate. You will find alot of TRENDY items like jewelry of course, shoes, leggings, purses etc. Its a great collection of items on there, so make sure you check it out. The prices are great, they even have $10 or less section and offer free shipping to US on $50 and up orders.

Like them on FACEBOOK
Follow them on TWITTER

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Childrens Hair Care...How To

Hey Beauties! So i get tons of questions on how i care for my daughters hair and i wanted to share with you ladies who are mothers or who knows ladies with children what i have learned. I'm going to tell you what i do and what you shouldn't do to your children's hair. I'm also going to share with you a few sites for children's hair styles as well =)

First thing to remember is be gentle with your daughters hair and don't over do it. You don't want styles that's too tight, this will not only be uncomfortable but it will break her hair off. Also you don't want to over do chemicals if your relaxing or put too much HEAT (THIS IS MAJOR).


You want your little girl to look beautiful of course but remember they are children, so keep it fun for them. I have three sites for you ladies to check out, I'm sure you will find tons of styles to try out on your princess. Remember don't do anything too tight!!!


Heat, Heat, HEAT!!! Please do not over do it on heat on your children's hair!! I cant stress this enough. Too much heat WILL CAUSE HEAT DAMAGE, resulting in dry brittle breaking hair. You wont see any length retained either =( ... what little girl doesn't want long hair?

Relaxers, my baby girl doesn't have one (still a baby), alot of people ask me will i ever relaxer her hair....No, i wont. But for the mothers who decided to relax their daughters hair please keep up with their relaxed hair. After you relax your hair, your hair is even more fragile and needs alot of care to prevent damaged hair. Just like your hair, you don't want to overlap relaxers. A good time frame to relax is between 10+ weeks. And you should ONLY relax NEW GROWTH  not the whole head from root to tip!  And make sure you keep her hair and ends moisturized and sealed!!!!!


1. Cut the heat down or out. Heat 1x a wk is too much, even every 2 wks is too much! Try to limit it to 1x a month, i guarantee if you do you will see a MAJOR difference in her hair (she will thank you for it). If you decide to use heat, use a HEAT PROTECTANT!!!!

2. Don't put her hair in tight hair styles, give her a style that is gentle and cute. If you are doing pony tails, rotate the pony tails to prevent stress on the hair. Also give her styles to protect her ends, like cute little buns and add a pretty flower for style.

3. Moisturize and Seal her hair daily, and don't block her hair pores with grease, you do not need to grease the scalp, this is only clogging the pores. Instead you can use a natural oil and do oil rinses. Find a good moisturizer that is Petroleum and Mineral Oil FREE. And seal with an oil, like coconut oil, sweet almond oil etc (do not use baby oil or Vaseline on her hair!).

4. Shampoo 1x a week and do Co-washes every other day, DC her hair as well.

The steps are very simple to follow, and if you do, I'm sure you will see amazing results on your little girls hair and she will be forever thankful that her mommy took the time, knowledge and dedication to ensure she has long, beautiful, strong healthy hair!!!

Hope this was helpful and as always stay Blessed



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tip of the Day...

Share Your Blessings...

"He who has not learned to share his blessings with others has not found the true path to enduring happiness. HAPPINESS comes from sharing one's self and one's blessings.

All riches are multiplied by the simple process of sharing them where they may serve others."Anonymous

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relaxer Results Using My Nu-Me Iron

Hello my Beauties! So right now im SUPER EXCITED. I reached my goal and im so proud. Ive been doing my normal regimen except taking my Vitamins, i kno bad, but i just fell off with taking them. But i plan on taking them starting tomorrow. Im BSL and im happy.

I was sent over the VINTAGE LIMITED EDITION iron from NU-ME and i fell in love with it. Now if you know me and have been following my hair journey you know i always used my FHI, but using this NU-ME flat iron, it has REPLACED IT!! This iron it amazzzzzzzing, got my hair silky straight with ONE PASS...Im going to list the info below. Dont forget to check out my video below for the review.


Product Description: NuMe's best selling Vintage professional styler combines our original 100% solid ceramic irons with our most popular color, Hot Pink. With the identical rounded barrel design, the Limited Edition is still the essential iron used to create any fabulous style from sleek straight to luscious curls, the choice is yours. Best for all hair types.

The Professional Styling Iron has a unique alignment system that ensures ideal contact between your hair and our 100% tourmaline ceramic plates. Using pure ceramic plates ensures even distribution, eliminating the hot spots and chipping associated with conventional irons. Our tourmaline ceramic plates emit negative ions which seals moisture in the hair cuticle keeping your hair shiny, healthy and silky smooth.

Also they sent me over a few hair products, the Thermal Protection, Miracle Shine, and The Finishing Serum...these products are great, leaves your hair smooth and with lots of body, not heavy on the hair at all. Click Here to see there styling products.

What a major difference in 12 weeks!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20MM Strong on Facebook - Thank You!

I got my RELAXER..BSL?

Hey Beauties, let me start off by sayin excuse the pic, water and steam is on the mirror but i wanted to get a wet shot. This is a sneak peak until i upload my video tomorrow or thursday of the results. But i wanted to let you know i did reach MY GOAL of being BSL this month/relaxer. Im super excited becaused i worked my ass off these pass 2 years to get my hair healthy and strong. And i keep proving to myself after each relaxer my hair could be ANY LENGTH  i decide...my goal is MBL and WL. Im so happy and again i give all the credit to KISS!!! If it wasnt for this site, i would still be damaged NL wearing weaves bc i had too. Now i wear weaves because i CHOOSE too!!!! Lets get it baby..i see you!!! ;)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Get the Perfect Summer Glow

Want the perfect summer glow for the  summer but don't know how to get it? Well Beauties I'm going to help you and give you some tips on how to get your Sexy Summer Glow.

The secret to being bronze and beautiful depends on the amount of Shimmer you use. You want your glow to be more SUBTLE than deep and savage. Picking the right undertones also will help give you that beautiful glow. Pink and Gold undertones give you a lighter, fresher and more natural look.


-Prep face with long wear foundations (MAC Prolong wear, Revlon ColorStay) Reduce shine with blotting papers (Clean&Clear)

-If you want more of a sunny glow, then use a powder bronzer that is 2 shades deeper than your foundation color. (Stila bronzing powders have a wide range of shades making it easier for you to find your perfect shade)

-DO NOT use bronzing powders to SET your makeup!!!!!!! You want to apply it over your usual powder/foundation.

-Make Sure your skin is DRY and NOT moist because the darker powder will grab and look blotchy: not cute.

-Use a very Fuffy face brush this will keep the finish Seamless and Natural.

-Keep it sheer and don't forget your Neck! Apply it all over then add extra to the apples of the cheeks, bridge of nose and chin.

**Bronzer is like the icing on the cake, do your usual makeup routine by applying your foundation and powder and then DUST your bronzer over your face (that has already been set with  your powder, remember don't set your foundation with your Bronzer!!)**

*also you can do this with a tinted moisturizer, but make sure you let it DRY first before doing your bronzer application**