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Friday, April 15, 2011

Born*Pretty*Store...if you LOVE NAILS

Hey Beauties! So i have a great website to share with you. If you are into nail art and nail polish products, this site is for YOU! The prices are really really LOW, you can find alot of products under 5 bucks. The products are coming from Hong Kong, so you get a discount with that, shipping may take a little longer then if it was coming from the States, but honestly i didnt have a long time waiting for my products to arrive. Took about 2 weeks, which isnt bad IMO. These products were sent to me by PR of Born Pretty Store and i was able to choose what i like to review.

I really like this nail art, it came with 12 different colors and shapes, from stars to hearts. I will be using these really soon, like on my toes for the spring and summer. These were really cheap, all this for about 5 bucks. Not Bad!

I think i want to try out the yellow first...you know i love yellow =)

These Rhinestones were too cute to pass up, you really get alot too. The colors i love, you really get a good variety of Pretty Colors! This was about 3 bucks...can you believe that?

This is my FAVORITE! Esp since i havent been been able to find the Cracking Polishes =( But now i have IT!!! haha..lol. The color is in black, and i cant waaaait to wear it. This was around $4.50 ...yea really cheap compare to the others on the market.

I also chose the nail foils, i dont like this pattern though at all,not my style so i will be giving this away. But they have other really pretty styles, and its under 5 bucks as well.

I also chose these nail sticks, whats the name of these things lol? But i cant find these on the site now, but i think they were under 2/3bucks.

Now look at this ladies, anytime you purchase something and write a REVIEW on their site and you could earn POINTS (.2) and you can use the points to BUY OTHER PRODUCTS. So basically you are getting PAID to SHOP!!! I like this idea alot... SHOP NOW

I will be doing separate reviews/blog post on each item once i use them to show you Beauties. In the mean time feel free to check out their SITE HERE and they have FREE SHIPPING!=)

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