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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playing Around with MAC..

Hey Beauties..
so my babies are down for a nap so i decided to play around with my MAC makeup..not going anywhere but my hands where just itching to play with it..have you seen these quads? i think MAC should deff keep coming out with these...i love em....also i used my mac concealer to nude it out before applying my lippie & gloss.

stay blessed

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Relaxer Update

Update:: 11.5 weeks

Hey beauties!! Here's where my hair is at right now from my June relaxer. Note I have stopped taking biotin in July due to break outs and I do *feel* it has made a BIG difference.. I don't see alot of growth :-(. Maybe next relaxer in Dec and I'm going to start back taking biotin but in a very low dosage:-/?? Anyway... Here's my before and afters

March 2010

June 2010

Aug 2010

(ends ARE curled under)

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Stay Blessed

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CoverGirl Classic Red

Hey Beauties so today i decided to actually try on my covergirl 580 classic red lipstick, i had this for awhile, maybe like 3 or so months lol..and never tried it on..so i decided to give it a try..i gotta say im in love. Its a really sexy shade, reminds me of a sexy salsa shade..sexy!! Excuse my pics, i wasnt even going to post about this, i took the pics with my web cam so you have to excuse the quality and the web cam does wash out the color because the red is really RED. So do you have this shade? Whats your favorite red shade of lipstick and where do you wear yours too???

Stay Blessed Beauties..

xoxo PureBeauty

Monday, August 23, 2010

Realtionship Advice:: Keys to a Successful Marriage/Relationship

The RIGHT way to Washing Your Face

Hey Beautiful Ladies.... Hope everyone had a nice weekend =-) Have you ever wondered if you are washing your face the correct way? I know many of you right now are like "huh, what is she talking about, there isn't a right or wrong way to washing your face!" But there is. If you want clear skin, that's soft to the touch and glows this is the post for you...read on....

-First you start off by WASHING your HANDS.

-Wet your face with warm water to open your pores. Then you wash your face with a cleanser that suites your skin type, here you will wash your face doing circular movements, this will help break down the dirt, be gentle there is no need to be rough when washing your face.
tip: let the cleanser sit for a minute or two to penetrate your skin.

-After you rinse your face with warm water to remove the cleanser, then rinse it off with COLD WATER, this will actually CLOSE your PORES and PREVENT dirt from getting in...which causes pimples which we all hate...

-PAT your face dry and be GENTLE, do not RUB your face with a towel, PAT IT DRY is the key.

-After your face is DRY then apply a toner, this is a must to toning your skin and helping with blemishes, do not skip this step. Allow the toner to dry completely before moving on.

-Finally choose a SPF Moisturizer for your skin type and gently rub in.

That's it...now you are on your way to better, healthier, softer, beautiful skin =-)

Remember to wash your face 2X's a day, in the morning and at night. Another tip, before washing your face, use a makeup remover to remove all makeup...this will ensure you are getting all the dirt and oils from your face.

ADVICE::: women with combination skin or oily skin should look for a cleanser that is strong containing oil-absorbing ingredients and those with sensitive skin like myself or dry skin should look for a milder formula with more nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.
3Keys to choosing a good cleanser::
1. Non-comedogenic (wont clog pores)
2. Hypoallergenic (wont irritate the skin)
3. Non-acnegenic (wont cause acne)

Stay Blessed Beauties

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Abbamart Giveaway Winner.....

HEY BEAUTIES!!! Happy-Happy-Happy Sunday...
I want to thank everyone who entered into this Great Giveaway Sponsered by Abbamart
so...using Random.org to help me decide which lucky beauty will get her very own set of some great makeup brushes....the WINNER is.....VICKI S (sswpss@yahoo.com) Congrats Beauty!!!! Please contact me within 48 hours to claim your gift.
Again thanks to everyone who entered and a special thanks to Abbamart!!!
Stay Blessed Beauties, today is sunday...give thanks to God=-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tip of The Day

Tip of The Day:: live each day like it was the last day, don't hold grudges, don't leave mad, treat others like you would want to be treated. Life is like a crystal ball, so fragile, so delicate, so beautiful. Enjoy your time here on earth. Let others know you love them, leave the world with people loving you and making a difference in someones life. To my husband, my children:: I love you more than anything on this earth, without you, I am nothing. To my family and friends:: I love you!! Life is so fragile.... Use your time here wisely... Forgive & be Thankful.


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Stay Blessed

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sat:: ootd:: Running Around

Dress: Kohls
Shoes: Target (i love these babies lol)
Bracelet: Kohls

hey beauties...Here's a quick ootd, just had to run to the mall today to pick up baby girls bday gift...tomorrow is her big bash, we got her some diamond earrings, some hoop earrings and her first doll house =-) I've been so busy getting things ready for tomorrow...i love it though, its for my baby girl...i will also post pics tomorrow night of her ootd lol
Stay Blessed,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Casual Fun:: OOTD

Hey Beauties...so heres some pics of my ootd, nothing major, just casual fun, had some running around to do today with my husband at some stores. I have a busy busy busy weekend coming up...my princess will be having her 1st BIG birthday bash and of course her mommy and daddy are going all out for her.... i will post pics next week of her big day =-)

Kohls Romper by Mudd
Gladiator Shoes from JCP
Bracelet by Tiffanys
Necklace from Forever21

Stay Blessed Beauties

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hair Talk:: Waiting for a Relaxer

Hey Beauties... so its late, im sitting here thinking about my hair and how i have came such a long way from being dry and damaged to healthy and strong...locks of course lol. But i really have. So im not going to go into the history lol because then this will be a really long post...and im kinda sleepy right now. But anyhow, my last relaxer was in June and my next one is "due" in Sept...thats right around the corner..But im really thinking of skipping this relaxer and just doing it on my 2year hair anniversary in Dec of this year...hmmm...im thinking hard on this one...i dont want to see my results till then lol, its like saving a gift till its the right moment to open it but i know im going to get tempted. Im going to try...i think...i want to be BSL in dec...this will be the longest my hair has ever been...it use to be apl when i was little, grade school, early years. Im so happy to have the knowledge on how to care for my hair because now me having a daughter, i can care for her hair the right way, i know what products to use and not use, what oils and conditioners to use and of course heat free styles, i dont even think i will ever put a relaxer in her hair either, she will be natural, i will just have to learn how to style natural hair. I kinda wish i would have went natural when i started my hair journey back in dec 2008, because at least then i wouldn't have been losing any hair really lol, i started at neck length now im apl...touching bsl...so to cut off all this...*sighs* i dont think i can..

so...half wigs of course i will be doing..just got 2 brand new ones today in the mail, this will last me for like 2 months if that..i go thru these babies fast lol. =-)
UPDATE:: so the black tea rinse really does help, my hair feels so much stronger and i did my 2nd rinse yesterday, the shedding has decreased alot, i say by 97%. i love it..so i will be doing this like 1x a week until the shedding is 100% gone then ill do it 2xs a month. Also as you may know from previous post, im not taking Biotin no more because of the breakouts, so now im taking a children's complete vitamin and a vitamin c vitamin. In a few months i will be trying the fish oil vitamin and may start back up on Biotin but at a very very very low dosage (was taking 2500 mcgs, then 3000 mcgs when i switched brands =-/)

well beauties...im turning in, thanks for reading my blog as always and stay blessed=-)


KOHLS HAUL::Amazing Finds @ Kohls for $110 bucks

hey beauties...i got alota of great finds at kohl's, 14 clothing items, all for....$110 after coupons and Kohl's cash...ahhh don't you love getting stuff for a great buy...and i got alot...check out the clearance, always check out the clearance, you will be amazed at all the stuff you can get...stretch that dollar baby lol =) stay blessed beauties and thank each and everyone of YOU for visiting my blog and my YouTube...you know i LOVE you lol ;-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Congrats to the Bride & Groom

Hey Beauties...so today's post is about marriage, a new marriage...me and my husband attended his cousins wedding yesterday, doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL, i mean really BEAUTIFUL...SO PRETTY! Her and the groom both look beautiful!! I love seeing people that are in love get married...its such a beautiful thing, a beautiful bond! May God Bless their marriage and their new life together as husband and wife. Enjoy some of the pics...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Abbamart Brush Review && GIVEAWAY ...CLOSED!!

Hey Beauties!!!
So i have a terrific review and giveaway for you all! Abbamart.com sent me over some beautiful brushes to do a review on. They sent me the 9 piece Bubinga Natural Makeup Brush Set, retail price $27.00

Product Description
1. Medium Powder Brush- made from natural goat hair, an excellent powder foundation brush
2. Angled Blusher, made from natural goat hair, flawlessly highlight cheecs with blush or shimmer.
3. Sable Eyeshadow Brush- fine sable hair is gentle on the delicate skin around the eye.
4. Lip Brush- defines and enhances lips when used for applying lip liner, lipstick, or gloss.
5. Sponge Applicator- soft sponge precisely applies eyeshadow to the creases and corners of your eye.

6. Lash & Eyebrow Comb- eliminates lumps or clumps of mascara, and smooths and grooms eyebrows.

7. Point Eyeliner Brush- a must have for applying gel or liquid eyeliner

8. Mascara Wand- smooth away clumps and evenly distribute full-length lash color

9. Fan Brush- the final step to a beautifully polished finish; faultlessly blends blush, foundation and bronzer for ethereal glow

I really love these brushes, these are compareable to the sephora brushes, but in my honest opinion better, you get more for your money too, which is always a plus, these brushes really blend your makeup well and its so beautiful and im so loving the wood. The brushes are made really good, you know how some brushes hair comes out...not this, no problems here. I love the case it comes with, the leather is so soft, if i could change one thing thats to make it a case which you can wrap around your waist when applying you makeup or someone elses. =-)

Details to enter the Giveaway sponsered by Abbamart

-This Contest is Open NationWIDE-

Mandatory Entries:: you have to comment on my blog about what you would buy from ABBAMART if you were given $25 to spend there.
also you have to be a follower of my blog here.

Additional Entries::

1. Become a FAN on Abbamart's Facebook page HERE

2. Follow Abbamart's Blog HERE

3. Subb me on Youtube HERE

Simple right? Easy and hey you can win these beautiful Brushes, i loooove mine...so enter, follow, subb, become a facebook fan! Go ahead and twitt and let all your friends now about this great giiveaway!

Contest is open as of today and it will end in 2 weeks on Aug20th midnight cst, i will contact the winner via email, so be sure to leave your email address, you will have 48 hours to contact me back with your info, you have to be 18 to enter, under 18 with your parents permission. The winner will then receive their 9 peice brush set from Abbamart.com

stay blessed beauties and goodluck!

special thank you to abbamart for these great brushes =-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Black Tea Rinse

Hey Beauties!!!

So I have heard so much on the black tea rinse that I had to try it out. This is suppose to actually STOP your shedding... Egh hate shedding! This caught my eye... But it's also suppose to STIMULATE hair GROWTH... Um seriously ok you got my attention lol and help Your locks get STRONGER!!! This is what we all want right.. I know I do.

So I got my black tea from walmart under $3.00

The bags are small, so I'm using 5 per rinse

Now beware: I heard this tea tends to darken your hair.

So I used it yesterday after I washed my hair. I let it sit for 30 mins with a cap then placed conditioner over my tea rinse for 1.5 hours and rinsed...

Results: my hair felt stronger...I will post my update in a few days to see if it stops my shedding *crosses fingers*

Time to slap on my protective style: halfwigging it out lol

Oh yea. I let the tea sit for 6 hours so it could be strong.

Later Beauties!
Stay Blessed!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CurlFormers & New Color

Hey Beauties!!!

So I just recently brought some curlformers from sallys after seeing so many reviews, good reviews on it.... I had to try them for myself ESP bc I love curly styles! Now the starter pack comes with 46 rollers I beleive, I would Suggest you get this over the single packs. Starter kits cost $60 and the single packs are $12. Now don't be silly like me lol, I thought I could get away with 3 single packs... Um no! Lol had to go get 2 more lol so I would have been better off getting the kit!

Note; small sections, if you do it too big, your hair will get caught and it will not go thru the roller.

Check out the pics, after the rollers are out::

Look at all that new growth! Yay lol


Overall:: I LOVE my results and the product is high in price but it really pays for itself. 5 stars!

I love how fast it dries due to the material. It takes some getting use to learning how to use this but it gets easier after practice.

I Applied the rollers after I washed my hair, while wet, applied my garnier leave in and my argan oil and some keraCare foam lotion. And airdried over night. No Heat= Healthy Hair! Results:: soft shiny curls full of body.

Also I applied a rinse, Champ Brown, I wanted a darker brown, my natural color is a med brown.

Can't wait for my relaxer next month!

One more thing, this product works great even if you have alot of new growth!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Looking Beautiful in Under 20 mins!!

Hey beauties, short on time? Got kids or school or just busy period? read on...

Applying makeup under 20 minutes:

Cleanse and lightly apply your favorite moisturizer mixed with a dab of glowtion - that is a skin illuminator designed to make you glow but not sparkle. They are many out there - Revlon for example make a great one at a decent price.

Apply a fluid foundation with your fingertips and blend around jaw line.

Press powder into your skin with puff, and brush off excess with a brush. This gives your makeup the staying power it needs for a whole day.

Use a squirt of eye drops in the morning, to instantly brighten your sleepy eyes. Did you also know that eye drops applied over a pimple before you makeup reduces the redness instantly?

Use a powder shadow smeared along your lash lines with soft sponge applicator for a soft, but defined day look.

Apply one coat of lashing-plumping mascara.

Brush your eyebrows into shape, and use a soft pencil to quickly define them if needed.

Smile big and apply your blusher to the fattest part of your cheek with a big brush, slightly and lightly extending the color towards your ear. Go easy, you don't want clown cheeks. Choosing a sheer color with light reflecting particles will help avoid this.

Apply one coat of colored lip gloss for soft, natural lips with a healthy shine.

If you've run out of your usual concealer, use some of the dried up foundation in the bottom of the bottle, it covers up and matches your foundation perfectly. Remember, if you make a make-up mistake and your time is of the essence, just dip a cotton bud in your liquid foundation and wipe away the mistake.

If your hair is a wreck then try holding your head upside down and brushing vigorously. Apply a dollop of hair wax rubbed between palms and loosley pull back hair and fasten with your favorite clips.

Now you are picture ready! :-)

Stay Blessed and Happy Sunday!

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