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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I wanna thank
GLAMOURLicious for these Beautiful awards!!! i really REALLY appreciate them! i feel so special lol... beauties check her out, she has a great blog you would love to follow =-)

So the rules are as follow, TAG 7 bloggers and STATE 7 facts about yourself =-).... sounds like fun

PureBeautys 7 FACTS:

1. i LOVE chocolate..any and every kind! i have to have it EVERY DAY! =/
2. im addicted to half-wigs, its a drug....seriously its sad
3. my hubby is my role model
4. my mother is my closest friend besides my hubby
5. i hate to work out lol
6. i love junk food..not healthy i kno but i do
7. i love to get freebies with coupons..sounds boring, but once you start clipping its fun.. i mean, who dont like freebies rite? =-p



Pt 2 JcPenny Haul

Hey beauties... Chk out part 2 of my haul. Imma try to do a video today and post on YouTube, I have to get a memory card for my camara today... But I may just do the video from my phone since it's quicker lol.

I love this outfit, the colors are so pretty.

These tops are cute with a cami under it

I LOVE yellow! fun spring color

This top is nice & thin, pair it with a cami & leggings/ love these skinnies and the detail, these can be dressed up

See the detail..

A simple classy black shirt with a black cami

Will post later on beauties.. Enjoy your day

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pt 1 JcPenny Haul

Hey beauties I wanted to show you the shoes I picked up today at jcpennys. I will post the rest of my haul later.

Omg,let me just state that pregnancy really changes not just your body, like your stomach, but your feet too lol. My feet got wider after having my 2 children, I use to be a size 7.5 but now in most styles I have to go up one whole freaking size lol...

I think these babies are hot!! Very sexy and classy.

Also I got these..

These look better on.. I like em, my Hubby doesn't like them lol.

I wanna order some shoes from cutesygirl.... Anyone has any reviews on this site?

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Beauty Supply Haul

Hey Beauties!!

So today I went and did some shopping, I went to the bss and to JcPenny..(jcp haul upcoming)

Omg, I so so so badly wanted this lacefront wig, I saw it over the weekend when I went with my friend... And I went back today and picked it up..

When I put it on, I will deff post a review with a picture so you can see it! This will be my first lace front, I'm Excited!

Silhouette, premium synthetic hair $54.99

I also picked up some 14 inch color 4 clip in extensions, Fashion Source Collection 100% human hair $ 55.99. REALLY wanna try these babies out lol!

Last thing I got was of course.... Another half wig, I'm addicted to these lol.. I'm trying the Outre Yasmine, 4/30, it looked so beautiful on the stand, I had to get it.. I think this is gonna be a cute summer style!

I will post pics of everything once I wear them : )

Later Beauties

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Kohls Haul

Hey Beauties, hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday, it's raining here... The sun needs to come out lol!

So this week I went to kohls, (not pictured) I had to get my son and daughter some spring pjs, so I got a bunch of those for them and some play clothes for outside. We are getting them a swing set in a few weeks, so gotta have some clothes to play in, ESP my 2yr old son... Boys!! Lol

Of course I got some things.. Let me share it with you..

I love this because I can use this for church or dress it up and use it for a nite out..

I love these jeans capris, I'll prob wear a cute tank with it? And I got these black leggings- it has lace on the sides.. Cute

I fell in love with this romper, romper are so in this season, my mother said she use to wear these back in the day.. Fashion always repeats huh ;)

I thought this dress was so cute, very different for me, but I'm tryna be different this season :)

Check out my YouTube channel for more of my kohls haul beauties MyYouTube

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Stay Bless

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Friday, April 23, 2010

WINNER of my 100follower Contest...!!!!

Using RANDOM.ORG..... the winner is.....GraceWong!!! Congrats!!

There are still other giveaways thats up for grabs, the shoes giveaway, the hair goodies, and $50 giftcard, make sure you enter them for a chance to win!!!

stay blessed beauties

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty Haul

Hey beauties!!! My 100 followers
contest is just about up!!! Can't wait! Don't forget to enter my shoes giveaway!! Ends April 30th!!

So I have a small haul here for you all, I picked up 5 packs of revlon fantasy lengths, flirty and defining styles, and these are self Adhesive- so no glue required!!! Yay!! Can't wait to try these!

Also I picked up maybelline Nearly There, really pretty color! And I got mac Moth To Flame dazzleglass... To cute, have this on as my profile pic over the mac fresh brew lipstick!

And last, I got a fake bun, haha, it's Eve, color 4.. Will be trying this soon and I'll post a pic.

Later beatiues..

More hauls and reviews coming up!!

Stay Bless
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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hello Beauties!!!

Boy do i have some great stuff to share with you all!!!! I have partner up with a terrific website & now you can WIN a FREE pair of Shoes!! Im so excited, so lets get started right lol. First off let me explain the website, SHOESTHATLOVEYOU, the name just pops out at you, i love this name, it really draws ones attention. This site offers some really cute shoes without losing that comfort we women need...you know what im talking about, sometimes we are wearing shoes for the look rather than for the comfort. Well with these shoes from shoesthatloveyou you are getting both, the STYLE & COMFORT! Very Important..right beauties!

They range from women to men shoes and girls. From runway trends and fashion accents to their popular slides. These shoes are perfect to wear in the morning to work, to running errands to a nite out with the girls...these shoes are a MUST!!

Another hot thing about these shoes, you can throw them in the machine to wash without causing damage and these shoes are also made right here in the USA =-D!!!

One other thing that i love and im sure many of you would also, these shoes are Vegan Friendly , so no animal by-products here!!! two thumbs up!

This company is environmentally conscious (OKA b.shoes) where you can send your lovely shoes to the company headquarters where they will make new products...this is really different, but i love the idea!!! So you can look BEAUTIFUL and Save the Environment at the same time.

So heres how you can win your very own pair of shoesthatloveyou

-Must be a follower of my blog, if you are not, simply sign up for blogger and hit follow, very simple to join.

-MUST visit the shoesthatloveyou and come back and let me know which shoes you love =-)

-up to 5entires for a chance to win,

1.follower of my blog (joinhere)
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CONTEST STARTS APRIL 20TH & ENDS APRIL 30TH @midnite cst. OPEN to outside of the US =-)

Winner will be notify via email, so BE SURE to leave your email, i will also post winner on my blog, you have 48hours to respond back or another winner will be selected.

Goodluck Beauties

Kandi "Fly Above..."

Happy Sunday Beauties!!! =-)

Im sure you have heard this song before by Kandi, Fly Above, i LOVE this song! I mean who doesnt have haters? They make you go harder and stronger...haha Motivation huh. I love Kandi, she seems so real, so powerful, she is a true talented Woman! I feel so bad for her lost, i think it touched many...may God continue to give her the strength she needs and blesses her and her family.

So as you can hear the music playing in the background... i got the lyrics below so you can sing along with it =-)

later beauties stay Blessed!!! GOD IS GOOD!


Verse 1
I’m so comfortable in the skin I’m in, I’m secure about who I am, so you go ahead and talk all you wanna, I built up a shell and it’s hard and it’s armored. It seems like every step I take up, drama comes along with the bread I cake up. But you aint doing nothin if you don’t have haters, so I welcome you to do what’s in your nature.
I’m like a jet airplane, way too high to hear you throwing salt on my name. I know I’m not the only one if people love to hate you go and throw your hands up go ahead and spread your wings cuz you gotta fly above.
I fly above all the drama, I I fly above, I I fly above, I I fly above, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me. So I fly above all the haters, I I fly above, I I fly above, I I fly above, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me.

Verse 2
If everybody hatin’ cuz you fly-i-i, then go on throw yo hands in the sky-i-i, if people jealous cuz you live yo li-i-ife, then gon throw yo hands in the sky-i-i, see I can't even worry bout you and your insecurities, the only thing that matters is my family and G.O.D. I’m a shooting star but my feet still on the ground and when you flying high people wanna shoot you down
I’m like a jet airplane, I’m way too high to hear you throwing salt on my name. I know I’m not the only one if people love to hate you go and throw your hands up go ahead and spread your wings cuz you gotta fly above.
I fly above all the drama, I I fly above, I I fly above, I I fly above, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me. So I fly above all the haters, I I fly above, I I fly above, I I fly above, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me
All you haters (haters), you’re the wind beneath my wings (wind beneath my wings), you just make me fly higher (higher), higher (higher), higher, ooh you just make me fly higher, make me fly higher, make me fly higher
I’m like a jet airplane, way too high to hear you throwing salt on my name. I know I’m not the only one if people love to hate you gon and throw your hands up go ahead and spread your wings cuz you gotta fly above.
I fly above all the drama, I I fly above, I I fly above, I I fly above, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me. So I fly above all the haters, I I fly above, I I fly above, I I fly above, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me, it’s beneath me

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beauty Haul

Hello Beauties..

so i have a beauty haul i would like to share with you. So last weekend me and my hubby went to downtown Chicago...man i love this area..i love seeing all the people walk..=-) anyhow I went to Forever21, first time going to a Forever21 store, it was really HUGE, 3 floors...they had alota cute things, but the layout was horrible, i didnt like it at all. I brought this cute black headband with a flower on it..its too cute, still havent wore it..but will soon! Also i feel in love with this rosary necklace, its really long..so chic. I plan on getting my accessories up to game lol.

I also got, (not from chicago, but recently) my mac studio fix in NC45 and concealer in the same color. I like the foundation but to me i just dont like the powder look-soooo, i found on youtube about the mac fix spray, ladies are spraying this on after they apply their foundation to give off more of a natural look...i will be buying this very soon to test it out =-) I also got the MAC prep+prime skin base...and the MAC DazzleGlass in Bare Necessity.

Other beauty products i got, loreal Golden Splendor, ill be using this as a golden tint with my glosses. I also went ahead and picked up the urban *decay primer potion =-) And a eyeliner brush from target.

My friend told me about the loreal hip eye-shadows..so i picked it up to try it out, the color i brought was Striking.. i need practice, because im not use to doing blends of eyeshadows but i tried it out..not to much with the yellow but you see it in the picture above..ill get better =-) and
one last thing i got was some Garnier Leave-in, this stuff is so cheap but it works wonders on MY hair..i LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

E.L.F Foundation

Hello Beauties...

So if you remember my elf haul, I ordered two tinted moisturizers, one spice and one toffee. I wasn't sure which would blend better with my complexion.. So for a dollar each... Couldn't go wrong. So I decided to open up the spice... And to me it blended well with my tone of skin.. I used just a very little.. You know what they say: a little goes a long way

This was my first time even using any kind of liquid on my face.. I'm very pleased with this product..


Nice smooth finish...

Say hello LeeLee! My baby girl!

Would I use this again: yes, love how smooth this goes on.. FYI I still used my regular moisturizer under this.

I didn't bother using the other one yet... I'll let you beauties know how the other elf products turned out once I use them...

Don't forget to enter my giveaways>>>

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Monday, April 12, 2010

My 1st Forever 21 Haul

Hello Beauties!

So I got my shipment in last week from forever21, I really got alota stuff for around $140 bucks. I picked out things I wouldn't normally buy, colors and styles, stuff like that. What influenced me to buy this, was all the YouTubers and blogs, ESP DulceCandy... They make it look really good.

The prices are so cheap it's crazy. Now here's my take on it, the quality isn't on the high end, I mean you are getting what you pay for.. Buuuut... I do like the clothes for the price. I would honestly see how it washes before I tell you if I would buy from them again.

Over all I'm happy but I am disappointed bc I ordered some sunglasses and it was BROKE, egh, I'm not even going to send it back... Not worth it... And there isn't a store near me...

So heres what i brought...

There's more stuff also.. You can check out my YouTube page for the rest... I got more shirts, camis, leggins, tubes, and jewelry

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

M.A.C Continued

Here's more pics of my girls! These chics are really good friends... Can't find em like this nowadays

Go ahead Essence strike your pose lol

I was makin Nicole laugh here

We were at Chillis here, lighting was low and my battery died right after this so I couldn't get a better pic

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Hello Beauties

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend! I started mines off by going to mac and getting a mac makeover with my two friends Nicole and Essence. These ladies are alota fun to hang with, they keep me laughing.

I wanted something new, something sexy, something Drastic! So I stepped out my bubble and I stepped out looking hot!!

I got a drastic eye, some lashes, and a nude lip with some gloss!

Me and my girls plan to do this once a month... So you will be seeing more new looks

I will be posting what i purchased from mac soon beauties!!