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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beauty Tip:: Making Your Own Tined Moisturizer

Hey Beauties! Are you ready for the hot summer months to come? I know i am! But how about your makeup, we all know its going to be too hot to wear a full face, plus who wants to spend all that time on makeup when we could be out enjoying the hot summer sun! I know i don't have the time nor do i want to waste any. Soooo....a tinted moisturizer will be perfect, its quick and easy and gives you a very natural look for the summer without melting so to say lol. But who wants to search and spend lots of money on a tinted moisturizer when you can MAKE IT YOURSELF with products you probably already have in your makeup bag. You can save yourself 30-50 bucks and use that on a new swimsuit =D

So I'm going to share with you these very easy steps in making your TINTED MOISTURIZER =)

Things Needed:

A light moisturizer, you don't want your moisturizer to be to heavy or thick because this could result in a cakey face =(

A liquid foundation, mineral foundation, or bronzer

A container if you wish to store it

How to Mix it::

*The more coverage you need, the more foundation you are going to want to use.*

Use 2/3 pumps of your favorite moisturizer (you can use less or more if needed)

Use 1/2 pumps of your favorite foundation (adjust if you need more/less coverage)

Mix well and apply to your face, want a little summer glow? Just add a little bronzer into your mix.



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