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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Storm is Over Now

hey Beauties..

so i wanted to share this video with you. i remember i use to always ALWAYS listen to kirk franklin cd when i was younger... i remember sitting in my room and listening to the whole cd and just really praising him...the comfort you have with the Lord when you praise him, when you recognize him...its just such a good, beautiful, strong feeling. With God you can make it through anything....through everything. The devil will always try to creep up on you..he wants to knock you down..he comes in ALL forms. Trust in the Lord..trust in his word...stay with him, dont fade away into the world..which is easy to do...when you fade away...you leave a wide hole for the devil to walk into your life. Forgive Others as you would want God to forgive YOU...easier said then done...but you have to. People will always hurt you...God wont.. so keep him first. And remember you can forgive those that have hurt you just like how God forgives you....keep your eyes open and recognize the devil and keep ignorant people away from you, and pray for them.

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