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Monday, July 12, 2010

AbRocket...here i come!!

Heeeey Beauties!!

so today is monday...the beg' of the week for ME! so i woke and i said to myself...time to stop being lazy...work out and work out hard...my excuse has always been i dont have the time, i mean i do have two kinds under 2..they are a handful, a good handful though. But i just need to find some time to work out on my body. Im not trying to lose weight, im happy with my size, im 135lbs and im 5'6. Not bad, right. But having two babies, and 2 c-sections, i need to tone up. So im going to start using my AbRocket ive been having since the beg of this year, its just been sitting in my office downstairs looking at me lol.

Now if it was up to me, well it is, but its dangerous and my husband does not want me to do it, i would get a Mini Tummy Tuck, i just have that little area at the bottom of my tummy from the babies and the csections...the top of my tummy is flat..i just hate the lil area..egh lol. But im not going to get it, too dangerous and hearing how Kanye's mother died doing it, and Ushers exwife having problems doing hers... i think i just need to stay away from it all together. This is what happens when you have children, your body isnt like before but we can do everything we can to improve it, right?

So today will start day 1... lets hope i stick to it, imma try. I will do 100 crunches a day, divide it up to 50 in the morning and 50 at night if ihave to. I will post updates every 2 weeks for the next 3 months..omg this sounds so hard lol.
I will limit my sugar intake meaning juices, pops, junk food, fried foods, all that bad stuff, this contributes to belly fat. I will also be increasing how much water i drink as well and add fruits to my diet to help with the sugar crave i always seem to have. Again i am not trying to lose weight, but im sure i will with working out and watching what i eat, i just really want to tone my tummy up. And have that sexy flat tummy i had before i had babies lol.
so keep coming back and enjoy this journey of a healthy new me... till next time Beauties

i will post a picture with this blog later on to keep picture progress, i lost my measuring tape darnit lol


  1. Love your Blog. Good Luck with the work out. I gave birth 6 months ago and I have A LOT of weight to get off. I am having soo much trouble sticking to my work out plan. I am going to start following your blog. Mine blog is http://prissymum.blogspot.com/. I have my before pictures up. We can motivate each other to stick with our work out plans. Happy Blogging.

  2. awww congrats girl! it will come off girl, and yea sticking to it is the hard part, this i know. im bout to head to your blog now and follow you too!! sounds like a plan =-)


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