if you dont know yourself, you wont love yourself, & if you dont love yourself-you wont RESPECT yourself....-PureBeauty


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name?

hey beauties and a special shout out to GlamourLicious, she did a blog post on this a few days ago, so check it out, and of course i asked if she would mind me using her idea on this post lol, she didn't mind at all...=-) so thank you girl.

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The Meaning Behind PureBeauty:::

When i started this blog, i wanted it to be based on Beauty, not the outside beauty, because every woman is Beautiful but within...So many women lack this part of Beauty, and its the most important form of Beauty, its how the world looks at you and how you feel about your self. PureBeauty is learning to Love yourself as you are, not comparing yourself to others like friends, family, celebrities, nobody. Women should never compare themselves, but learn to accept how God made you and be proud. Its to love yourself as you are, Flaws and All. Everyone has flaws rather you see it or not, we all battle something. And to say we dont would be a lie. You have to learn how to Love Your Flaws, yes love, because if you dont, you will never be happy. I use to hate the gap between my teeth, alot, since grade school once i figured out what it was. I battled with it growing up, it was something i was ashamed of. I couldn't understand how guys would still think i was pretty, im like are you serious. But i learned this is who i am, im Beautiful how God made me, he wanted me to have this gap and i should be happy. Other people still found me beautiful, i never had any problems in that area, but it was an inner battle for me. I even consider getting Veneers, but honestly i think im not, because i really dont have a problem with my gap like that anymore. And like my husband told me, "why change who you are, you are beautiful as you are"...his words, his actions, and his love for me, helps it all... I accept my "flaw". It could be hard for woman to accept their flaws, but it takes time.

So thats how i came up with the name PureBeauty. Once you feel beautiful on the inside and will greatly shine through the outside, and then you can enhance your beauty. And thats when the fun begins, lol. like i always say, its fun being a girl!

Love Ya Beauties and again thank you for everyone who takes time to read my post, comment and of course follow me! May God Continue to Bless YOU!!!

Stay Blessed.



  1. Wow. Great post. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. Great post hun :)

  3. Love your blog plus the song.

  4. thank you beauties...im so feeling this song..pretty girl swagg...representing for all of us *pretty girl swagg*

  5. That was a great article. Acne has really become a problem and people need all the tips the can get. Health must always come first.


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