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Monday, July 19, 2010

MakeUp Tip...Eyeliner, make it last

hey beauties, so i cant sleep and I'm up super early, my son stayed the night at his abuellas house, and I'm missing him. I ALWAYS do this every time he stays the night at one of his grandmothers houses lol...you would think ill be under the covers passed out, but nope lol. I think i may even do a YouTube video since my baby girl is sleeping...maybe.

I'm just sitting here thinking...damn it feels good to INSPIRE other people ;-)

OK so here's a makeup tip, most may know, but its kind of new to me...

don't you hate how your eyeliner washes aways after a few hours? I know i do, so something simple to make it last if you don't want to use waterproof, you can set it with eyeshadow, take an eyeshadow liner brush, i like sephora, and line it with black eyeshadow (if that's the color you are wearing) and BAM you are set lol.

Well Beauties i hope YOU have a BLESSED day...

PureBeauty =-)

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