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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beauty Tip::: Vitamin C

Hey Beauties,

Who takes Vitamin C? Do you know the beauty benefit of this vitamin, i mean you are always told to take your vitamins and how vitamin C is good for you and helps boost your immune system but how about the beauty side of it???

Benefits::: Helps revitalize your skin allowing improvement in the tone and the texture. Who doesn't like nor want that, right. You will immediately look younger with silky soft skin on your face and body. It will also help protect you from the sun as well, another thumbs up. So that means it will also help with wrinkles.

This is a common beauty problem with many women today, wrinkles and protecting against the sun. We get so caught up on "brands" and "labels" and try everything under the sun to see if that will work out our problems, that its so simple to work out, and most of the time you can find that one Beauty Product to do the Job right in your cabinet or health store for penny's on the dollar.

Daily use of Vitamin C can and help repair and prep your skin for everyday beauty. Also Vitamin C helps the production of collagen. You can add Vitamin C to your bath/beauty products by placing a few drops or you can simply take Vitamin C vitamins, the choice is yours.

Again always consult your DR before taking any vitamins. =-)

Hope this beauty tip helps you beauties

stay blessed


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  1. Good post!:D I <3 vitamin C!:D

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