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Saturday, July 24, 2010

**OOTD and EOTD**

Hello Beauties, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Today i went out with my Husband, i love when we get that quality time in. =-) Anyhow..about my ootd...


HaHaHa, i wasn't ready for the pic, crazy face!

Here's a better pic, I'm in front of our home (darn wind, makes me look preggos hahaHA)

Pic of my Sexy Hubby ;-*

Riding in the car.. and no i NEVER put my camera down lmao!

oh yea...here's my sexy bronze look lol, ya like? I'm still new to the blending game, but i don't think i did bad at all =-)

NewYork&Company Dress
Shoes from JcPennys
Belt...cant remember
Coach Purse

I had to put a belt on with this dress because it was fitting me too big, i had this belt for awhile, i just previously brought me a newer waist belt from Nyc but its too big =-(

Note about Ny&company clothes, they do run big, so you may have to size down

Thanks for reading my post beauties, even if you are not a follower, i still thank YOU! means the world to me, love you guys and stay blessed!



  1. ur looking hot for ur day out!!! ur inspiring me to put back on my heels..im so used to seeing everyonein flip flops that im starting to follow suit..i need to get back on my pretty girl swag ;)

  2. thanks everybody =-), honeyk1020:put them on girl lol, i just think heels are so sexy, makes you feel so chic! but lol about the flip flops, i did have some in my purse incase my feet started to hurt lmao.


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