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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ELF: Zit Zapper

Hey Beauties!

I must say for a buck you just cant lose, this product by elf is amazing. And did i mention its only a buck lol. All you do is apply it on your blemish before bed, and when you wake up your little intruder on your face shall be gone or would have diminished alot. I applied it before i went to bed on my intruder lol, and when i woke up it was gone. AMAZING right, and its only a dollar lol. Bad news though...if you go online right now its sold out...but keep checking back. click the link> ELF


this contains Salicylic Acid, this is the key ingredient, also it has tea tree oil, hazel, and camphor. It helps prevent acne, reduce that redness & swelling...minimize pores and help clears skin.

This product is one of my faves now, and you do get a nice amount for a buck. Well worth it.

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