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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Listen to God when he speaks to you. Do not ignore him or it could alter your destiny. What he has plan for your life is nothing you could do on your own. Live for him and not for yourself. Do not be selfish or blind. There are many warnings. Be aware of his warnings that he gives you. Remember to listen to him. If you are reading this, turn to him if you haven't already. Live for him and he will give you everlasting love and blessings. Do not bw afraid .. turn to him and remember everything you do here on earth- there would be a day where you will stand with him and watch everything you have done, wrong or right. You have the opportunity right now to change your life and live for God ...

Stay Blessed.... and choose the life he wants for you, your Destiny ..
Don't alter it by making the wrong decisions.

Make him happy and make him proud of how you are living your life .... for him. Help others and show them the way to God.
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