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Saturday, December 4, 2010

usher omg!!!

Hey beauties so I had to take a minute to let you know the concert was sooooooo good! Omg! I have tons of pics and videos! I will try to have it up by tomorrow. But I had a blast, loooooved it! Usher is so amazing... and no I didn't get picked to go up on stage lol, some girl that had vip Package tickets got to go so um yea next time I WILL be getting the vip tickets and spending the extra 250, vip tickets are 500+ so yea ill be saving till next time lmfao!I need to be able to meet him, just once in my life, just want a hug and a picture with him lol. Yes its that serious, ad yes i will be dishing out the money for that ticket. I love Usher! Miguel was so cute, he performed so good, how old is he? Ooommmggg Trey Songz... wow ok!!! Just wow! Can't wait to show you all some clips! Love ya Usher!!! You was worth it baby! Muah

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