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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hair Chat: Relaxer

Hey Beauties... so, as you can tell by the topic this is about a relaxer. I can't do it, I can not go natural. I really dont have what it takes and honestly this is something I should have considered when I began my hair journey almost 2 years ago when my hair was NL. I should have did the BC! But since starting this journey my hair is healthy, thick and longer then what my intentions were. So me cutting off all my hard work and time....I can not and will not do it. I love the thought of being natural ... I remember my hair being so curly and beautiful ...but im thankful and happy for my hair now. Because I would have never knew I could be where I am now..thanks to KISS! So with that being said I will be relaxing on Dec 22nd and posting pics as well as a 2 year hair journey video on my youtube. This is something you don't want to miss... im super excited! You will be shock to see my before pics and what my first" goal" was.....im so pass that its crazy lol. :)
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  1. Ok i am excited to see how much growth you have accumulated!

  2. lol I can only dream about going natural maybe after I grow my hair to my goal length I'll Ill try it, Oh question is that a half wig in your main pic at the top if so its gorgeous can you tell me the name? Thanks and God Bless ;)

  3. hey beauty! i wish i could go natural..but i just cant see myself cutting off all my progress ive made these past 2 yrs lol. if i would have thought about this from the start now...lol. Thank You, its sensationnel hz7045 i ordered it from clairhair.com =)
    xoxo purebeauty
    stay blessed


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