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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Fade Dark Spots

Hey Beauties... want to know how to fade those ugly dark spots from acne? Keep reading then =)

Now recently this has became a problem for me, i never broke out in my life, never had acne up until now. For me, its my hormones, its out of whack after having my daughter. So i have hormonal acne...sucks. But there are things that can help if you are like me and suffering from hormonal acne, you can go to your dermo and have them prescribe you some medicine or you can get on birth control to level your hormones out.

Now to treat the marks that the acne left...Dark Spots...
Exfoliation Scrubs
-loosens and removes dead skin cells
-makes your skin have a healthy glow and stimulates cell turnover
Skin Lighteners
-Hydroquinone is an effective treatment of dark spots and helps lighten dark spots over time
-always patch test your skin to make sure you are not allergic
Hydroxy Acids
-Works by loosening the "glue" that holds skin cells together
-Makes skin cells turnover so new, lighter cells come to the surface
-Makes skin bright over time, reduces blotchiness and gives a beautiful healthy even glow
Chemical Peels
-Work by sloughing layers of dead skin making fresh skin take its place
-peels give dramatic improvements in skin discoloration
-Should be done by a professional!
Micro Dermabrasion
-"SandBlast" top layer of skin away leaving fresh new skin to takes it place
-home micro dermabrasion kits gives results similar to professional spa treatments
How to Prevent Dark Spots?
Protect your skin from cuts
Stop your skin from getting irritated
Be very careful with your skin and don't pick or scratch
Protect your skin from the sun
Keep your dark spots from getting darker by using a high SPF sunblock
Blemish Free as easy as 1-2-3?
1. Wash with a medicated acne cleanser 2xs a day, keeps oils from hair and makeup off your face. Try to stay stress free, don't let acne stress you out. It will clear up.
2. Prevent new blemishes, don't stop using a product because your skin cleared up. Stick to what gives your skin results.
3. Treat dark spots by using fade cream or by getting light peels. Remember spots will Naturally fade over time but you can speed it up =)
Remember Beauties, Beauty starts from within.
xoxo PureBeauty


  1. Thanks for the tips!:D

    I use microdermabrasion and it works.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. great post! I was using the Ambi fade cream 2x a day and it helped a lot. But, after awhile I started to forget.

  3. Marie= youre welcome =) (i want to try microderm soon)

    Longlivehair= im using ambi now as well, great product for such a low price, which is always good. =)


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