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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hair Bow =0)

Hey Beauties

So i am sure you have seen who have started this cute little trend of the hair bow, ms gaga =). I have seen alota youtube gurus redoing this hairstyle so i decided to give it a try lol..i think i did good...now i wouldnt rock this outside my house...hmmm, i think i wont, maybe with some hair down in the back..i dunno.. i just did this for fun though..enjoy the pics and i will have a video uploaded to youtube soon, see my baby girl, man she is growing up so fast, 16 months already=)...right now im going to bed...nite beauties



  1. Your hair looks bomb.com
    Nice & shiny & healthy looking.

  2. aww your daughter is adorable. She looks just like you.

  3. This is sooo cute and you did a great job! I cant wait to try this style once I get a fresh relaxer ;-)!

  4. Your hair bow is so cute and ur daughter is beautiful she looks just like you ;0)

  5. it looks good, u need to do a tutorial

  6. Oh I love this... Pls do A TUTORIAL...
    thanks for following me, I'll follow back x


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