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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Argan Oil

Hey Beauties! Are you done doing X-Mas shopping? I am...finished today. Thank God.
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While i was out i had to go to Sallys to pick me up some shampoo and conditioner. Ill be doing my relaxer tomorrow, so ill post pictures up asap. Anywhoo...i decided to try the one 'n only Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, since im in love with the oil, i really wanted to try their line. This line has no sulfates, phosphates, and its paraben free. Sallys are offering a great buy, now the shampoo and conditioner runs about 10 bucks each. But for the month of December when you buy either the argan oil curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer, you will get the argan oil trio set FREE, that includes the shampoo-conditioner-restorative mask. I ended up getting the curling iron (its infused with argan oil...nice), $33 bucks and got the trio free, if i would have got just the trio, i would have spent 30 bucks just on that alone. So as you can see i got a great deal....i love anything thats free =) I will do an update on these products and the curling iron as well.

*Happy Holidays*

xoxo PureBeauty

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