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Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Year Hair Anniversary Update

i put in a black rinse as well in my hair...needed a color change lol.

products i used on my hair---the argan oil has made my hair soooo shiny...loves it!

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Hey Beauties. So this marks my 2 year hair journey so far, I can say that i am somewhat pleased. I didnt hit my goal of being BSL =( Im still full armpit length. But it has deff thicker and more fuller than my last relaxer. But overall, for the 2 years i am happy to have my hair healthy then damage. Healthy hair grows-Damage hair breaks. I hope to reach BSL by June of 2011. I HOPE or imma be really pissed off! SERIOUSLY LOL.

Also i am changing something major up too...I will be changing my protective styles. I will limit how much i wear my halfwigs. I have notice its stressing my hair that was left out on the top and has broken off a bit. So i will be doing flexis, curlformers, caruso, buns, and maybe drawstrings. Roller sets...hmmm...if i have that much time lol. But yes i am leaving the weave alone...or should i say i will try hard...its so easy lol. But i dont even know how it is to wear my own hair, i really havent in the pass two years...this will deff be a change for me.

I will be posting more pics and also a 2 year hair journey video asap...i will try my best today, but i have so much to do, cookings, xmas eve is tomorrow, i still have to help my husband put up toys for our babies, we are having family come over tomorrow to celebrate then xmas is Sat...so busy-busy-busy!!!! I pray everyone has a great Holiday and stay blessed, i love you all who supports me on my blog/youtube/kiss =)



  1. Congrats Beauty on your 2 yr anniversary, you can definitely see a new healthy head of hair, now on to BSL! Good luck Im in it with you, Im believing in BSL next summer too!

  2. Wow, congrats to you! This is def. inspiration. I hope one day my hair will be longer than what it is.

  3. What an amazing journey :-) I'm in love with your before and after pics!!! I can't wait to see more of your journey. I'm right there with you on the BSL journey ! Merry Christmas!


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