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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tangle Teezer...O-M-G

this product is a must....

Ok Beauties!!! Im so in love with this product! ITS AMAZING! SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I went to sallys today to pick up some more aphogee shampoo and picked this brush up as well. I recently seen a girl on youtube with it and wanted to try it after seeing her talk about it...well im happy i did! This will cost you about 10 bucks, and to some they may think thats alot, but when it comes to the health of your hair...its WORTH IT! And honestly if this brush was 20 or even 30 bucks..i still would have got it. Its that good! I used on my hair after washing it and it literally took me 1 min to detangle...now keep in mind i have a fresh relaxer, but i washed my hair in the sink upside down, so it did get tangle. But i will see with the upcoming weeks and new growth, how well this brush will hold up to me falling in love with it right away lol...so be looking for an update. Now also, i washed my baby girls hair, she has beautiful natural curly hair, and usually after i washed it, ill detangle her hair with a conair kids brush, and she always hated that part, twisting and turning and crying even sometimes, but when i used this on her hair tonite....this girl didn't even realize what i was doing, it went that smooth!!!! This brush is so freaking amazing...i think every woman needs to have this and if you have children, this is a must as well! I need some stock now in this company!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh yeah i have the purple one =)

ill be posting a video on this soon on my youtube page.


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  2. welll i might have to check it out! glad it works for you : )

  3. telling you beauties...this brush is ammmmmazing...no lie. lol


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