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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hair Chat: Getting Ready For My Relaxer

Hey Beauties =) so today i washed my hair with my Aphogee Line, i love this line, and i have been using this for two years now. I always wash my hair like a week or so before my relaxer and when i do i use my Aphogee line (protein). Now since i am almost 17wks post, (when i will be relaxing on the 22nd), i have alot of new growth and its really hard to manage, so i have to blow dry my hair out that way when i do put in my relaxer its not going to be a mess. I had to detangle in sections, egh, it was alota work tonight i tell you....i couldn't go natural without doing the BC i tell you lol! Anyway, as you can tell by the pictures i have major shrinkage, MAJOR! I can not even run my fingers through my hair, nothing, not a comb, nada! lol. I cant wait to see where my length is at now...i wanted to be BSL, but i think i will be hitting that goal in March...so hopefully im touching BSL Dec 22 nd!!! Either way im happy, because honestly im way past what i thought my hair could grow, and right now my hair is healthier then it has ever been, and with healthy hair comes growth =) Oh yea in case you are wondering, yes i used a heat protectant in my hair when blowing it out, CHI.
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  1. Your hair looks great! Good luck on reaching your goal.

  2. Good luck with your relaxer! Post pics!


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