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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hey'a Beauties!!

So I have a sneak peek to my hair... My real hair today. Lol. As most of you already know I'm on a hair journey thanks to KISS and I'm always in my protective style... HalfWigs!! Last time I relaxed was March 20th and omg I have so much new growth I know I can not make it to 13 weeks plus I have something to do that weekend I'm suppose to relax. So I will be relaxing a week earlier at 12 weeks.. Not bad. Last nite I washed my hair with a moisture shamp and deep condition and airdryed with my hair pinned up. I never style it I Just protect it to the fullest.

Keep in mind the pics you are about to see, 1st one is march 20th - freshly relaxed flat iron hair with a very slight bump.

Next pic, last night, soak& wet hair with shrinkage due to new growth underneath. My true length will be revealed next weekend...

My goal this relaxer was to be full armpit length.. I think I may just have made it... Yay for me. As you can see in the first picture my hair stops at the top of my armpit and the second picture I have clearly passed that.. I'm not going to get too excited until next weekend lol.

Later Beauties

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  1. Yay.... Yes girl you made it !!! Next stop BSL


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