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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Itching for a Relaxer...


hey beauties..

so its almost that time again to relax!!! yayyyy...omg its so funny, because now, i love when its almost time because i cant wait to see how much longer its got. i never thought my hair would be long and HEALTHY... and i can take all the credit..haha, jk, i have to give credit to all my kiss sistas!!! and a very BIG THANK YOU TO TRAYCEE. With that site, i have learned so many things, things i had no clue about.. if you arent a member, i suggest you join, best of all, its free. right now i am apl...i hope to be full apl when i relax in 3-4 weeks. im so excited.

I have been protecting my hair, i put no heat in it what so ever, nothing, nada, zip! i protect my hair 100%!!!! i wash once a week with a shampoo, protein and moisture, cowash 3/4s a week with a conditioner of choice, and i use a moisturizer and seal with a oil of choice. i protect my hair under halfwigs, so only a very little is left out. i have been doing this basically since dec of the year 2008. my goal is by this year dec 2010 to be BSL...omg if i make this, which i should, no i am lol, imma be so dang happy, you have no idea.

i love kiss and all the members...its such a wonderful site to be part of.

stay tuned beauties, i will post pics of my results in a few weeks..wish me luck =-)

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