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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Polish Your Body Beauties...

Use these tips to get Smooth, Sexy, Skin on your hot new physique.

Let Yourself Glow:

Dry, scaly skin reflects light chaotically, making your complexion look dull. Use a brightening serum under your usual day cream to diminish dark spots and discoloration while illuminating your skin.

Be Smooth:

For touchable skin thats both glowing and silky, eliminate roughness by using a nondrying cleanser and moisturizer regularly. Look for products that contain humectants, which pull moisture from the air, and emollients, which smooth the spaces between cells.

Zap Bumps Fast:

There are no quick fixes to erase cellulite, but some creams may temporarily help making it less noticeable. They usually contain caffeine to stimulate blood flow and help flush excess fluids. For the best results, slather a thick body lotion over it to help the ingredients penetrate better.

Hope these tips help you get ready for the summer. Feel free to share your beauty tips as well.

Info:::Women Health Mag =-)



  1. Those are great tips! I need to try to make my own skin smoothing products since their so easy to make♥

  2. Hey pretty girl...I just nominated you for The Sweet Blog award! You can check it out here:



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