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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sephora & Beauty Items

Hey beauties...

I went to a couple stores yesterday and got a shipment in from Sephora. I want to try some beauty products out... And I heard some nice things about Sephora...

Sephora... Gosh their stuff is pretty costy:-/. But I got some vanity brushes,$48, I wanted something cute to sit on my counter. One thing I love about these brushes> they have da name on them, like eyeshadow brush, concealer, etc. Good for beginners like myself lol!

Also picked up a Kat Von D/True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Beethoven/True Romance
Can't wait to try these out& I wanna see if these even compare to M.A.C I payed $34 for this palette

I have never owned an electric shaver lol.. So I wanted to see if this would be better then da regular ol razor... I tried before the battery died, so far so good. Jcpennys 50% off so I paid $30 for it not bad compare to always spending over 10 bucks for the regular razors.

Then I got some burtbees lip balm... These babies smell so good and I haven't even opened it yet!! Also some softlips, love the vanilla, nice and smooth, I love chapsticks for my nite time use. The pink tint.. Didn't like at all reminds me of some ashy lips lmao! I wanted to also try this aveeno body/shave wash... Used it just as the shave wash... Oh let me tell you beauties have to TRY this out, it left my skin do darn smooth... I fell in love... So deep, that now I wanna try their whole line lol... I already use the aveeno baby for my babies(-: And also got some olay two in one cleanser and toner and same for this... Try it!! I love the tingle feeling and da smell and it left my face feeling so clean and refreshed!!!!

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