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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Become Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Hey Beauties!!!

So from my recent post, you know im really loving and wanting some juicy in my life. lol. I found me a really cool website that sales the JUICYCOUTURE tracksuits.BECOME.COM I mean im loving this site because you can compare prices from Ebay's top sellers, Neiman Marcus and Juicy Couture. How cool is that? One other thing i like about BECOME.COM is the variety of this site, its not too little nor is it too much. You know what i mean, some sites doesnt really give you a good selection and other sites just have everything posted up, and it can become overwhelming.

They have some really cute track suits, i seen a beautiful white juicy track suit for only $98, this is sold at Neiman Marcus, CLICKHERE. There is also a cute little baby girls track suit, its pink and its sold at JuicyCouture CLICKHERE for $66...this is perfect for my daugher lol. And i fell in love with another tracksuit sold on Ebay CLICKHERE, its a green cargo Shamrock really beautiful and this is $74.50. They have many others, check them out. Im so loving Juicy Couture.. i want to start a juicy couture tracksuit collection..what a great place to help get it started.

Iwould love to hear your favorite track suit! So check out BECOME.COM/JUICY-COUTURE-TRACKSUITS and also let me know which of the suits i picked out you like better? Also what do you think about the little girls juicy couture track suits? They are just so adoreable!

**picture from juicycouture.com**

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