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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sallys Haul

So today went to sallys because I had to pick up some stuff for my relaxer next week! Gosh I'm so excited lol! I have been busting my a$$ to grow me some beautiful long Healthy hair!! I don't trust no stylist either.. I trust myself lol, and I must admit my hair is in the best health EVER!! Thank you KISS!!

So back to the subject... I picked up my favorite relaxer the Dark & Lovely moisture Seal plus Shea butter in regular.. This is the best relaxer I have came across for MY hair, also got a bottle of proclaim oil/ use this in my relaxer mix. Got some olive oil moisturizing hair lotion, proclaim sleep cap (time for a new one lol my son lost mine somewhere in my house), got a shower detangler.. Some clips i've been looking for the longest for and some argan oil I saw Traycee do a review on awhile back, so I finally picked it up!! Can't wait to try this out!!

I'm also thinking about getting another flat iron, a sedu 1 1/2 inches, currently I have a FHI 1 inch,.. I really love this too but my hair has deff grown longer and yes I know I could still use this iron, but I would like to try another, a bigger plate. So we shall see.

So I'm thinking weds morning for my relaxer... I'll be posting my results of course!

Trey & Leena... My cute babies p

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