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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lucky Stikes....F-U-N

Hey Beauties!

So yesterday me and my husband went out with our friends, Essence and Jeremi. We went to lucky strikes in the City (Chicago). I love Chicago, its so much fun, i love the buildings, i love seeing the people walking, i love the stores, i love everything Chicago offers. So...I have tons of pictures to share with you all..i love taking pictures..you will learn that about me..snap-snap-snap
i have more pictures lol but i think 20 is enough i have some pics of the city but ill post later..
The food was yummy..i had a cheese burger with blu cheese and bacon..yum and i had a drink...cant remember the name, it was red something lol. all i know, is one drink was enough for me lol..it was strong but good. Hubby picked it out for me..Essence had the same too.

We were on teams...um...me and mark won too lol hehehehe

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