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Monday, May 17, 2010

What's your Juicy?

Hey Beauties!! So I need your help!

For the past year I have been really trying to decide if I want a juicy purse. I started off not liking them at all. I just didn't think they were cute lol. But after seeing them constantly online... It grew on me.. And now I want one!! So I went to their site and of course I couldn't decide... Ugh! I want so many lol but for now, one will have to do. I think this kinda purse will look cute with casual clothes, like skinnies & a graphic tee or some leggings & a tunic. So this is where I need your help...

Which of these purses do you like?
Purse A

Purse B

Purse C

Purse D

Purse E

Do you own a juicy? If so what style?

And how do you wear yours?

**pictures from juicycouture.com**


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