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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sensationnel HZ 7038 Review

Hey Beauties!!

So by now you all know I love, love, LOVE halfwigs!!! So I seen this halfwig on YouTube, and I had to get it, I been tried this one out, pics already on halfwig tab. But I tried a new color, 4/30.. I must say I love this color more than the black on me.

Check it out> Clairhair.com $14.99

My tips to blend MY hair with the wig...
1. Leave 1/2 an inch of hair out & tuck in sides under the wig

2. Spray the hair that's left out with leave in conditioner

3. Apply a little QP glaze to da sides and brush to blend

4. Apply a small amout of mouse and brush, this works good for me bc my hair will actually curl up with the wig curls

This is what I do to blend my hair with THIS wig and basically any other curly wig

Tip: never sleep in your wigs, this will mess it up, take it off at night and put on a wig head or put it back in the bag

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  1. whats the name of the half wig u have on in your main pic?

  2. This is cute! Looks really natural. I think I have this one lol.

  3. I was thinking of this wig .but you look stunning in it. you baby cute. I love her twa. to cute. can i have that baby she so cute.

  4. @elizabeth, thank you...lol thanks thats my princess=)

  5. Blending is great, looks very natural and your background music is beautiful.


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