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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pt 1 JcPenny Haul

Hey beauties I wanted to show you the shoes I picked up today at jcpennys. I will post the rest of my haul later.

Omg,let me just state that pregnancy really changes not just your body, like your stomach, but your feet too lol. My feet got wider after having my 2 children, I use to be a size 7.5 but now in most styles I have to go up one whole freaking size lol...

I think these babies are hot!! Very sexy and classy.

Also I got these..

These look better on.. I like em, my Hubby doesn't like them lol.

I wanna order some shoes from cutesygirl.... Anyone has any reviews on this site?

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  1. Ok...those heels...so gorgeous! Gotcha for 2 blog awards chica!

  2. Love the heels girl! Gotcha for 2 blog awards too!


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