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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello Beauties!!! I have another review for you all. I purchased some china glaze nail polish from 8ty8beauty for a really good price. I got 6 different colors, flyin' high, happy go lucky, paper chasing, style wars, Bermuda breakaway, and Sexy. Each only $2.68... Not bad because I kno at the stores it's around $5.00 a bottle. The only bad thing is the shipping cost, $9.00, egh. I would suggest buying alot at a time instead of a little purchase like myself bc averaging it all out, I saved like $5 bucks including the shipping. Still not bad but I think it's better to buy in a bigger bulk to save more. It would also be nice if they offered free shipping on a $25 or $50 purchase lol.

Would I buy again: most deff! Very pleased.

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  1. Love those colors!

    Btw Check out my blog, I put the post up for ya!


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