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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty Haul

Hey beauties!!! My 100 followers
contest is just about up!!! Can't wait! Don't forget to enter my shoes giveaway!! Ends April 30th!!

So I have a small haul here for you all, I picked up 5 packs of revlon fantasy lengths, flirty and defining styles, and these are self Adhesive- so no glue required!!! Yay!! Can't wait to try these!

Also I picked up maybelline Nearly There, really pretty color! And I got mac Moth To Flame dazzleglass... To cute, have this on as my profile pic over the mac fresh brew lipstick!

And last, I got a fake bun, haha, it's Eve, color 4.. Will be trying this soon and I'll post a pic.

Later beatiues..

More hauls and reviews coming up!!

Stay Bless
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  1. cute bun! i need to get me one soon. &please let us know how those lashes are!

  2. ohh i been wanting some lashes..... you have officially got me started..lol

  3. will do @ Courtney---go ahead jynkx, get ur lashes on lol

  4. Hey hun I tagged ya for 40 beauty questions! you can probably do it on your youtube!


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