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Monday, April 12, 2010

My 1st Forever 21 Haul

Hello Beauties!

So I got my shipment in last week from forever21, I really got alota stuff for around $140 bucks. I picked out things I wouldn't normally buy, colors and styles, stuff like that. What influenced me to buy this, was all the YouTubers and blogs, ESP DulceCandy... They make it look really good.

The prices are so cheap it's crazy. Now here's my take on it, the quality isn't on the high end, I mean you are getting what you pay for.. Buuuut... I do like the clothes for the price. I would honestly see how it washes before I tell you if I would buy from them again.

Over all I'm happy but I am disappointed bc I ordered some sunglasses and it was BROKE, egh, I'm not even going to send it back... Not worth it... And there isn't a store near me...

So heres what i brought...

There's more stuff also.. You can check out my YouTube page for the rest... I got more shirts, camis, leggins, tubes, and jewelry

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  1. Love the clothes! We dont have forever21 here and the shipping to Europe is juyt crazy high on their web site! Would love to get some clothes, though ;)


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