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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

E.L.F Foundation

Hello Beauties...

So if you remember my elf haul, I ordered two tinted moisturizers, one spice and one toffee. I wasn't sure which would blend better with my complexion.. So for a dollar each... Couldn't go wrong. So I decided to open up the spice... And to me it blended well with my tone of skin.. I used just a very little.. You know what they say: a little goes a long way

This was my first time even using any kind of liquid on my face.. I'm very pleased with this product..


Nice smooth finish...

Say hello LeeLee! My baby girl!

Would I use this again: yes, love how smooth this goes on.. FYI I still used my regular moisturizer under this.

I didn't bother using the other one yet... I'll let you beauties know how the other elf products turned out once I use them...

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  1. Nice to hear you like it, Ive never tried elf foundation! How long does it last?
    Your girl is aaaawwwwwww so sweet;)

    Have a great day!

  2. It looks good. Your daughter is beautiful!


  3. @summerbabe, it lasted good, for the whole day, its funny bc my hubby liked it better than my mac powder lol. and thank you =-)

    thanks kim =-)


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